A possible solution to some of the connection and game freeze problems experienced by PS3 users after Patch 1.04 that has been discussed in the Call of Duty: Black Ops forums – seems to work.

The solution, mentioned by forum user stlcardinal9sr is as follows:

In the XMB delete your game save data and game data utility for Black Ops, all of your online stats will still be there, you will lose single player stats though, I decided to check this and found that the patch actually loaded into game save data and not where it should have in GAME DATA UTILITY…After deleting and redownloading everything works like it should!!!!

Steps to do this:

1. in the XMB under games where you would click on the disk to load black ops scroll up to where it says saved data utility.
2. delete this data, what will happen is you will lose all of your campaign progress and on your custom classes you will lose whatever you have named them but all of your classes will be the same and no online progress will be lost. just rename them
3. scroll up a little more to game data utility and click it and delete the black ops data, you will NOT lose any online progress.
4. now go reload the game up and it will require you to redownload the patch and you should be up and running.

happy gaming

We were not able to personally test this at RipTen – but we emailed the solution to readers who said it fixed most of the issues immediately.

*The solution is not perfect but will fix the patch for the user who corrected it.  If the host of the match has not corrected this problem you can still have issues.  The more people who correct this, the less issues people will have.

Note: This is not an authorized solution given by Treyarch


  1. So let me get this straight you want us to delete our save data after we beat the game to fix the issue with the servers..Ok..NO..How about they fix their own problem or I just trade the game in sounds better to me.

  2. I think this solution comes from a user, not Treyarch, as a temporary solution. However, I agree with you. And if they don’t fix it, how about they make some kind of announcement, in-game preferably, apologizing for the complete lack of functionality for their product. I got much more angry when I went to the game’s website and saw a green icon indicating that “all online features are functioning”. I am just going to return the game tomorrow, and buy a used copy later on if/when I know that everything is fixed. I hope more people do the same.

  3. Hey Dumbass(the_planeswalker) even if we delete te save data utility you can still get the mission select mode from the 3arc unlock cheat in the computer at main menu

  4. Ive done it and it doesn’t work, the game is still the same after it. It will take more than corrupt save data to rectify this game. I just hope there is a product recall soon. I’ve had enough of the whole Black ops saga. Game of the year ? Not a chance !!!

    • It worked fine, asshole. Quit trying to ruin a very useful patch fix for everyone by being a negative cunt.

      To everyone wondering, this fix solved all the problems that came with patch v1.04. It will not solve problems inherent to the PS3 version of the game, problems that will hopefully be solved with future updates.

  5. @Zack. It says that if the host of the match hasnt done this then you will still feel the effect. I haven’t tried it yet myself but we have to wait and see when this thing blows up

  6. Xbox360 still works for me after 3 years and the game is working fine for 90% of the xbox users so i guess you just gotta wait ps3 players =D

    • Go play Alan Wake but be careful not to scratch the disc. Is Santa bringing you the kinect for Xmas? You can prance around with the rest of your Justin beiber worshiping, xbox boyfriends. Anybody who makes a little money or, in your case, if your mom makes some money, has both systems anyway – but b/c the xbox controller is so ridiculous I have an xbox but never play it. Also, why would I want to pay a subscription to beat the crap out of people like you online when I can do it for free on ps3. Last thing, how pathetic is your existence when you, an xbox owner, are perusing a ps3 focused forum, take time to post a comment to try to piss off a group of people who are more intelligent than you?

      • To be honest, I have an Xbox and for one,looks like we’re paying for a reason, to get better connection and service. It doesn’t look like you can beat the crap out of anybody with the Ps3’s service, people may say the best is free..but I guess they’ve been proven wrong.

  7. The thing is Bryan, I dare bet there is about 20% of online players if that,are competent enough to mess with their save data files. So with this in mind even doing this, about 8 in 10 games will still fail in some way or another. The only possible way for this is to be successful if for Treyarch to release it in a patch. If it is at all a solution.

  8. Seems better, still pathetic for a $60 game to be screwed-up like this.
    One hour of play results in 4 completed games, 2 lost connection @ halfway and 2 host migration fails @ pre-game lobby. Still not satisfied.

  9. Well, if this “delete your save” thing works, it gives treyarch a clue about where to begin investigating since they don’t seem to have any idea about where to look for the problem. But I agree with other users, players shouldn’t need to erase their saved data to have the game working properly.

  10. What a joke! A patch to “fix” the games many problems that just makes it 100 times worse, genius! Somebody call Dave Gorman!

    Il try this save game delete thing to see if its any better but we really shouldnt have to, Treyarch have had a number of months now to fix this game and have failed epic style. Why was the thing released without being properly tested to begin with?

    I hope they sort this soon with a patch that fixes all the games problems and not just adds to them.


  11. Well after waiting forever just to get in to a game only to have it crash after a minute or two numerous times. I gave up and just played Combat Training. On the Positive side Ninja pro footstep range has been improved Knife lunge distance has changed slightly but it seems like when you go for the long range lunge from behind that used to work it misses which is fine but seems to freeze your character for a second or so it happened a few times seems kind of fishy. Sniper rifle acuracy and hit detection seem to be improved. You hit when the crosshairs are on and miss when they are off. The delay in accuracy after scoping in is still present which I am fine with. They had mentioned making Headshots with a suppressed Sniper rifle a one hit kill but I had only one out of 30 or 40 headshots and I suspect he may have been wounded a bit from a fall already. I will try the erase data procedure listed here and hope people do the same.

  12. Honestly i didnt care about having to delete my save game. As of yesterday when the patch hit i could not join a single game after following these simple steps my game is working perfectly now.

  13. I will NOT delete my savedata just to fix the online problems because I’m in the process of beating the game on veteran. Treyarch needs to fix their problems or else people are going to stop buying their games.

  14. I had been playing with my “Search Preferences”set to locale only. I changed mine to default and have had few problems since then getting into games and staying in them. Preferences – OPEN Search Preferences – DEFAULT. I don’t know why something that stupid is helping, but it does. And, I have not deleted anything from my system. Good Luck!

  15. I followed these instruction, and it did actually help. Before deleting I noticed that my band width was reading 540kbps. After doing this I was back up to 960-1003kbps with no lag or connectivity issues. Please note, that entering the codes in computer again after doing the deleting somehow causes the patch problem to re-manifest itself. So I have accepted not having “five” zombie map and “arcade” game.

  16. hey guys this was just a suggestion that worked for me, and a few others i didnt realize it would get this much attention..but i hope it helps most…good luck

  17. I followed two of the steps outlined above. First, I deleted all the saved game data for black ops. Secondly, I changed my preferences to local only. This appears to have fixed the problems for me.

  18. Hi guys,

    I’m a software developer (not with treyarch), and also a huge call of duty fan. This fix doesn’t work. I’ve been running tests on this all day. Still getting game freezes, disconnects, problems with finding games. No interal network issues. The issues are squarely with the developer here. I’m in contact with our Government officials here in Canada and have asked them to look into the problems the PS3 is having with this game.

    My personal beliefs are that this game has not be actively tested and debugged prior to roll out for some reason. I think Treyarch has rushed this game through all platforms in order to meet deadlines. The problems on all platforms are extensive, when these fixes should be fairly minor. Extensive issues are usually worked out in Beta testing. Not sure whether Beta testing was done properly. Treyarch will be answering to this very soon I assure you. Treyarch owes PS3 users some retribution for this. I’m working to ensure this happens in Canada. I would ask that each of you not only report your concerns to the Treyarch development team, but also CC those issues to the consumer protection agency in your locale.

  19. I guess i will try this, i think i may have have a more serious problem from the 1.04 patch then others, i cannot connect with anyone and no one can connect to me, it says in connection list that im on NAT type 2 but in black ops it says strict. Its a good thing i havent touched story mode yet.

  20. Hey reynold you obviously don’t realize this but it’s not sonys fault Microsoft sucks activisions dick go draw in more money you obviously need to shut the fuck up about that stupid paying for your Internet shit because honestly it doesn’t make a difference if the fuckin game developer obviously focused more on xbox. The game is clearly for all systems including wii but on the commercials at the end it’s always saying XBOX. Every E3 cod is sponsored at is displayed on XBOX. this doesn’t make the freaking game better we both have issues. Playstation doesn’t develop the game or make the patches that end up fucking the game up more activision fucks it up. Please I mean I seen many interviews before release when they said no commando knifing distances and also one with the multiplayer developer saying “you can buy the level 55 sniper rifle anytime you want if you have the money” we all have this game now is there a level 55? And you have to reach the level that correspond to the weapon not buy it when you want. These fuckin developers either didn’t know shit about their own project or were exposed to the wrong information because honestly this is so dumb… Stop being a fuckin Dumbass and learn before you blame the shit on the system. Treyarchs Josh Olin even said it before the ps3 has more capabilities with the hardware and the huge memory on the blu ray disc that they don’t base it off the systems engine they do it from the “Call of duty” engine so fuck you bitch

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  22. PASS THIS AROUND!Shouldn’t Treyarch release a game called, Call Of Duty Zombies? Imagine, Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino, Five, DOA, Asension, COTD, Shangri La, the last map pack, and an additional 5, 10 or even 15 maps, with a campaign and it’s for every console? If you think that would be AWESOME, copy and paste this to every zombies video and thumbs up, if you all support this, it could become an actual game!Started by : SuperMonkeyAssassin
    TheSkandal33 1 month ago 4 ReplySeriously treyarch seriosly