Nintendo has already announced that they are planning on bringing enhanced ports of two Nintendo 64 titles to the Nintendo 3DS.  The games are The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64.  It’s exciting to see both of these classics hit the Nintendo 3DS platform and it got me thinking: The Nintendo 64 library is full of many amazing titles that deserve to be given new life on the Nintendo 3DS platform.

Here are my top five picks of N64 games that deserve 3DS enhanced ports:

Sin and Punishment

Sin and Punishment is a game that didn’t make it outside of Japan when it was first released.  It was one of the later Nintendo 64 titles in the region and as a hardcore Nintendo 64 fan, I held out hope .  Unfortunately that release never came.

Sin and Punishment did eventually get a release in North America and around the world  in the form of a Virtual Console game on the Nintendo Wii in 2007.

The problem with the Virtual Console release is many people still have yet to play this title that surely would have become a Nintendo 64 classic in its day.  Sin & Punishment really deserves new life on the Nintendo 3DS,  just so more people can appreciate it.

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark is the only true sequel to GoldenEye 007 and it’s a game that my sister still plays nonstop on the Nintendo 64 to this day.  I preferred the single player in GoldenEye 007, but Perfect Dark really did vastly improve the multiplayer experience.

It would be great if Perfect Dark’s multiplayer could be transitioned to the Nintendo 3DS and enhanced with great online play.  Nintendo has mentioned that the 3DS will feature new online capabilities and Perfect Dark would be a great game to help showcase these features.  Maybe the scrapped Perfect Head mode, that allowed players to put their face in the game, could finally return thanks to the 3DS’s cameras.

I know that Perfect Dark was recently redone on the Xbox 360 – but a portable version would be fantastic.  It isn’t completely  impossible since Rare has made games for the Nintendo DS platform in the past.  Besides, what other game lets players gun down Shigeru Miyamoto?

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was a game that every Star Wars fan went crazy over.  It was a great arcade style Star Wars flying game that still holds up today.

Players could eventually unlock several Star Wars vehicles and choose which ones they preferred to use in each of Rogue Squadron’s missions.  Each vehicle had different features and abilities.  The game also had great replay value as trying to get gold medals on each mission always proved to be quite challenging.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is still a great game that could really take advantage of the 3D effects of the Nintendo 3DS.  Many of the younger Star Wars fans today haven’t heard of this amazing game, but with 3D releases of the Star Wars movies coming to theaters in the future, why not have a cool 3D Star Wars game to go with it?

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

(Note: The above video is 3D if you cross your eyes!)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is getting an enhanced port to the 3DS, so why shouldn’t Majora’s Mask get the same treatment?  I’m sure many Zelda fans out there would love to have updated graphics for this game.

In fact, many fans prefer Majora’s Mask to Ocarina of Time.

If Nintendo is willing to  port  Ocarina of Time, I really see no reason why this wouldn’t happen.  Majora’s Mask is an under-appreciated title in the Zelda series and an enhanced port could give many a chance to try the game again.

WWF No Mercy

WWF No Mercy is a game so often mentioned as the greatest wrestling game of all time.  When I first played a game that used this game’s engine (WCW vs. nWo: World Tour) I became a WCW fan until their dying days.  This fact alone proves that WWF No Mercy’s gameplay can win over even non-wrestling fans. While I was always more of a WCW, or nWo Wolfpack fan, this game was the best game and with an amazing engine that blew all others away.

WWF No Mercy is also the only title in this list of games that has never received any sort of sequel despite being released over ten years ago and being called one of the best wrestling titles ever.  The engine used in this game is phenomenal and really deserves to see a true sequel in some form.

WWF No Mercy also featured a robust create-a-character mode that allowed players to even create wrestlers from the rival company, WCW, since the game had the same animations used from the previous games that developer AKI created when they had the WCW license instead of the WWF one.  It was also amazingly fun to create friends and celebrities in this game and just watch them all duke it out in a wrestling style match.

I realize that a straight port would be impossible for this game since all WWF logos would need to be replaced with WWE logos and the entire roster would have to be redone.  This is, however, an enhanced port.  While more work would have to go into this title than any other on the list it’s one that certainly deserves the update.  Imagine an online mode, the ability to share creations online or through SD card downloads from fans (to avoid legal issues), title belt creation added in (which was taken out of No Mercy but in the game prior to it), using the Nintendo 3DS cameras to put your face on characters, and using the Nintendo 3DS touch screen to create ring attire.

The possibilities are endless for a title like this, which is part of the reason why WWF No Mercy is the game that deserves a Nintendo 3DS enhanced port the most.  Honestly I wouldn’t even care if it had the WWE license or not.  Let the fans make and share wrestlers if the license is a problem.  I haven’t watched wrestling in nearly 10 years but this game was still so much fun that I’d love an enhanced port.

So there you have it – Five N64 games that should totally get ported and enhanced for the 3DS.

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Let me know what Nintendo 64 classics you think deserve enhanced ports of on the Nintendo 3DS!!


  1. Nice list dude, those titles sure bring back memories.
    I myself would like to see:

    1) 1080 Snowboarding
    2) Bomberman Hero
    3) Blast Corps
    4) Mystical Ninja 2
    5) Pokemon Snap

    I’m just super happy they’re remaking Ocarina of Time though!

  2. i want (but upgraded with better graphics)

    1) shadow man (both of them)
    2) major’s mask
    3) concer’s bad furday
    4) and both castelvania games (64, legacy of darkness)
    5) a smash brothers remake

  3. My list should hopefully please others. I just wish some of these games could apply…

    (My favorite video game of all time, from the N64, to the smoother and more comfy to control XBLA port. This game deserves a 3d reboot. I just hope Rareware will actually ask or beg Nintendo to make games for the 3ds.

    2. Conker’s Bad Fur Day
    One of the greatest, most innovative, funniest, crudest, foulest, and well detailed N64 games of all time. Conker would be perfect, who wouldn’t want to see the bloody scenes splatter against your 3ds screen!? If this ever got made, you might want to keep the volume down if playing this game while on a bus, otherwise a lot of parents’ would complain.

    3. Donkey Kong 64
    Although alot of people criticized this game for being a big jumping direction for the DK series, I thought this was the greatest Donkey Kong game of all time. This game had alot of great classic Rareware and Nintendo filled memories and fun. I would love to see those orange grenades blow out of the screen seemingly.

    4. Banjo-Kazooie
    Just because Banjo-Tooie is alot bigger than any other N64 game when it comes to labyrinth sized environments, Banjo-Kazooie is still a great title alone.

    5. Mario Party
    Mario party was a great game, especially the original N64 trilogy! The first one was the most difficult, challenging, and painful (Those who remember the blisters from trying to beat the control stick rotating mini-games probably know what sad fact I’m talking about.) Those flaws aside, Mario Party was a great Mario game, and one of the funnest multi-player Mario experiences. Yet Mario Party 2 was my favorite in general. Everything in that game was great, the new mini-games and boards, the costume party scheme was the main reason this game rocked over others! Where else can you find Mario in a cowboy hat in any other Mario games? Mario Party 2 may have been my favorite, but I thought Mario Party 3 had the greatest mini-games out of the whole series, that and the first time party newcomers Waluigi, and Daisy. If only there was a way to make either Mario Party Trilogy, or possibly Mario Party Anniversary Collection! (a game where Nintendo gives out an online pole with a list of every Mario Party 1/2/3 Mini games and boards. After the pole’s due date, the top 150-200 mini-games will be featured and remade for the 3ds. Also the top 8-10 stages reappear.

  4. what would also be grate is some other games brought from other systems.
    would love to have portal, or half life 1 in 3d.
    something from the ;egacy of kain series would be grate but i think im dreaming their

  5. Why doesn’t anyone miss Jet Force Gemini? It was an incredibly good game, one of the best…

    Sadly, nothing with the name “Rare” will come back to Nintendo, all because now Microsoft owns Rare.