Three new rewards and now available in the North American Club Nintendo rewards catalog.  The first two items are sets of patches from Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  The first set comes with a Kirby patch and a Prince Fluff patch.  The second set comes with Kirby in his Off-Roader and Saucer forms.  Each of these sets costs 350 Club Nintendo Coins.

The third new reward is a set of replacement Wii Remote wrist straps.  The set comes with a yellow, red, blue, and green wrist strap.  It’s also in New Super Mario Bros. Wii packaging.  Each color wrist strap is meant to represent each of the playable characters from that game.  This set of wrist straps will cost Club Nintendo members 450 Coins.

For more information on these rewards, and others, be sure to visit the official North American Club Nintendo site at

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    • It’s actually a bit less if you do Post Play Surveys, Intend To Buy, and register new games within a month of their release. Also buying WiiWare and DSiWare games get you a 10 coin post play survey which is, in reality, an inexpensive way to get some quick coins if you buy 200 Point things on DSiWare.