Everyone knows what a disaster Call of Duty Black Ops has been for PS3 owners.  From an inferior port, to being on the short end of timed exclusive DLC, and now the infamous Patch 1.04.  Our readers responded to our most recent Black Ops stories with such vigor, emotion, and wanted their voices heard.

At RipTen we agreed to give them a voice.  Listen to 3 of our readers and veteran Black Ops players as they express their feelings of betrayal and disappointment.  Two of our submitters asked that their real names not be used.

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Tony Stark:

Well first of all, after forking over 64 bucks for a game I would expect it to work as advertised, I mean it is 2010 and we have put a man on the moon but I guess programming a game for a system that has been out almost four years is quite hard.  What are we on? the 7th Call of Duty game now and almost every game released to date has had problems to start such as lag, glitches, cheats etc.  I mean after COD4, W@W, and MW2 don’t you think when designing the game that past problems would be addressed first?  Obviously not because Black Ops has these problems too.  With the resources and money that these gaming companies have I would think it should be pretty easy to address the past problems and implement fixes for future titles, but rolling around in money is a lot more fun. Anyway, after standing in line for Black Ops at the midnight release with much anticipation to play this game with little known problems, which was advertised – I wasn’t disappointed at first.  However, the same old problems soon began: connection issues, lag, lag and did I mention lag?  Host migration failing and more lag I thought, “Great another copy and paste port for the PS3.  But weren’t we told it wasn’t a port?”  Josh Olin said there was a dedicated PS3 team!  A team of what? Homeless guys you hired off the street? So I shelved the game for a while and waited for a fix, which was in the form of patch 1.04 that was supposed to be this holy savior…Well that holy savior for most has ended up being the devil in the flesh.  I downloaded the patch last night thinking, “Finally lets go kill some noobs!”, but to my disappointment the first 3 games I spawned into I didn’t even have a gun…Yeah seriously I spawned bare handed no gun, no knife melee just my fists…Needless to say it didn’t work our very well.  So off to the forums I went to see I wasn’t the only one having problems.  The only comments I saw from developers were, “Its your connection, its your nat, its your router etc…”  Well if that was the case then why do other games work?  By the way my PS3 is in the DMZ so its not my connection.  So after 2 hard resets of my PS3 due to freezing I decided to shelve the game again.  But I wanted to play damn it, so I decided to start thinking like a homeless guy hired to code a video game for the PS3, and for the record I know nothing about programming or code etc.  I do have some knowledge and decided to check the game save data and game data utility which on my PS3 was reversed.  Let me explain that a little, the online portion of the game that allows you to play online was placed in the wrong folder of my PS3.  So what was happening online is there was no info for the servers to link me up with other players for gaming.  So with my great knowledge and expertise I decided to delete both files and download again.  And low and behold the devil in the flesh disappeared and off to pawn noobs I was.  At least for now until the next set of problems.  But lets hope not!  In my opinion the game play and balance of Black Ops is great . . . but you have to be able to play it first.   End rant!

Jayson G:

Treyarch and Activision came out with a version update for COD Black Ops yesterday that I think it was more like a “downdate”. The Black Ops online game play on PS3 was already flakey enough and now they went ahead and pushed it completely over the edge. The online game play is so sporadic now you can barely even get into a game. Once you get into a game many people are complaining that they can’t even stay in the game for more than two minutes. What are these folks over at Treyarch and Activision doing? Everyone knows that Playstation network is a few steps below being awful and these clowns decide to release this patch and it seems like there was no testing or trial period involved because of the abundance of issues stemming from the “downdate”.  I think I would even go as far to say PS3 online users are being ripped off because of all the times they are booted out of games before the end or host migration ends the game all because the devs want to release faulty patches and Playstation won’t host the damn games themselves!!

Randy Urias:

After three weeks of nonstop Black Ops, my brother would answer his cell phone as “Sir Pwnster”. Needless to say, the blockbuster release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops was a huge success. The game became the single greatest entertainment release of all time, raking in over $360 million in sales the first day. It’s ridiculously addictive multiplayer mode were so fun, my brother and I overlooked the constant connection problems and other glitches all PS3 owners were experiencing since launch day. The honeymoon was over on December 14th however, when Treyarch released patch 1.04 to cure all connection problems plaguing the game.

Patch 1.04, as all PS3 players know, made the multiplayer modes completely unplayable for over 24 hours. Everything has hiccups, issues, kinks to be worked out, it is understandable. So like many other PS3 Black Ops players, I turned to an internet search to find a solution to the problem, so that I could continue playing my new addiction. What I found came as a surprise, seeing search results for petitions against Activision and Treyarch, demands for refunds, and a general firestorm of very angry gamers. I too was angry about the horrible connection problems that made the game very frustrating to play, but I also found out that I was being ripped off.

Xbox360 owners have a host of features with their copy of Black Ops that I don’t have on the PS3. Playing split-screen online, your buddy can log in to his own account to level-up alongside you on the same system, while PS3 players just play the session as a temporary user. The 360 version also has significantly less connection issues than the PS3 version, not to say they are nonexistent, but they are definitely less, to the point where Xbox owners are NOT signing online petitions for a refund. Xbox players also could run their game directly from the multiplayer screen when they launch the game, something that PS3 owners can only do once they download the 1.04 patch. Why couldn’t Treyarch launch the game with this simple feature like they did with the Xbox version? Why can’t I gain experience when I play online with my brother?

The bottom line is that PS3 owners paid the same $60 dollars for what was supposed to be the same game on Xbox. Activision may have some kind of deal with Microsoft, promising exclusive content and extra features for their version, but if that is the case then consumers should know about it before we spend money on something that isn’t what we think it is, or what we are told it is. This has the potential to be a huge problem for not only Activision, who now has a huge chunk of disgruntled consumers, but also for Sony, who did nothing in their power to please their customers. It really is quite a bold move on Microsoft’s part, considering it is a reality that people buy new platforms simply for the ability to play huge blockbuster games like Black Ops.  Hell, ,I upgraded to a new desktop when I discovered that my old one could not run Half-Life 2.

Regardless of any fixes the 1.04 patch brings to PS3 owners, the fact that we have been playing and will be playing a less polished game with missing features remains, and when more consumers realize this the game publisher is going to have a huge problem on their hands in the future.

What do YOU think?


  1. I don’t feel sorry for u guys at all…I did not buy this game because I knew all this before release…after all the issues with MW2 and timed exclusive maps I decided I was done supporting this franchise…I spoke with my wallet as all ps3 owners should have…these are the reasons ill never buy an activation or bethesda game. You all should have know, whether it be M$ payoffs or laziness does not matter to me. Make a good game or don’t get my money. As far as blaming it on psn….total lie…how is it every exclusive works perfectly fine…s#&t MAG has 256 players and works fine….Here’s an idea….boycott their games until they make a proper version and do away with the timed exclusive….otherwise shut Ur mouth cause Ur part of the problem….sheep…bieberites, u don’t have to buy something just cause everyone else is!

    • 1. MAG sucks. It’s completely different from the COD MW/W@W series.
      2. ALL games have issues. Granted, this one a lot more.. but it’s not reason to not buy it or subsequent titles because of it.

      • 1. Mag was not talked about being good or bad. Reading > you. Person mentioned MAG can support 256 online players without issues.

        2. Problem is this game is crappy compared to MW2.

        3. Person at the top is correct, speak with your wallets.

      • i agree MAG sucked A**… COD is where its at… MAG and to have a lot of things Cut to hold so many… and if Call of duty was to happen like MAG did i dont think i would buy it

      • Complaints about MAG? Are you kidding MAG is one of the most epic multiplayer games in existence! It got bogus reviews, changed up some of the mechanics, CREATED new stuff to expand on the game itself… not to mention, they didnt give out a lame Map Pack!! No, let me ask you, whens the last time you played a COD game that tossed in 9 NEW guns, added MORE levels to the level cap, and brought NEW game modes in as DLCs? MAG is doing more overall to please its players than ANY COD game could dream of! Everyone thats complaining about COD:BO or WAW needs to rethink their ideas of Treyarch… at least they give a rats tail about their customers and add things that cover a HUGE fan base… Campain, Zombies (even Dead Ops Arcade!!), Multiplayer (Zombies too!!), WAW has Multiplayer Coop Campain! So basically while your all ranting about how much it sucks, what your really saying is that you cant see whats right in front of you… and that my angry friends is a complete FAIL in my book.

    • I can understand Sony or Microsoft paying for extra like DLC but this is about basic functions not working. It is not “fit for purpose” so if you want a refund there’s your argument UK citizens.

      Publishers also need to manage expectation more and that means showing respect to all customers. As has been said we all pay the same £55 so the initial product should be the same when launched at the same time to avoid any confusion.

      Any extra content should arrive after.

      If they don’t manage expectations of customers then they will upset those customers and they would be customers any longer.

      Respect is beginning to be lacking.

    • LMAO!! you guys are idiots. the problem isnt COD, it’s the fact you have a PS3!! I have been playing COD since the release date, have prestiged 3 times, all with no problems at all. looks like Treyarch made COD for the real players on the xbox and left you noobs on the ps3 in the dark….

      • way to be xbox fan boy. u idiot ps3 had never had problem loading other games. it just this retarted coding that treyarch decided to come up with that is fucking everyone over. ur retarted comments about how xbox is better is just you being a dick face cock master that cant accept the fact that this game is shit

        • THE GAME IS NOT SHIT. the reason you don’t have these features is sony’s fault, NOT activisions. The reason you cant do split screen online is because PS3 does not allow multiple logins at once, where xbox allows up to 4 accounts logged in at once. PS3 cant do that, and its not activisions fault, its sonys. don’t expect treyarch to do something that simply isn’t possible.

          • Actually, PS3 can support split screen and separate experience stats. Treyarch just needs to ask the folks at Insomniac how they did it with Resistance 2’s multiplayer.

    • Bieberities?! U sir r gay. Mag sucks. CoD is actually better and I know that we should it is a good game and i bet if they struck a deal with Sony for timed exclusivity you wouldn’t be saying anything about it. All games have problems and because they have this deal with MS of course the xbox version is going to get more attention by the developers. If sony hosted the game rather than it being a shity port than our gaming would be better. but there is always going to be deals being made because it is the biggest fps series in the world atm. No matter how much u complain there is always going to be deals.And as for Mag it plays better for a few reasons: 1. It is not as big as CoD thus the developers aren’t as pressured to get it off the line. 2. because it’s not as big as CoD their aren’t as many people playing and overloading these servers, let alone all the hackers in the game. You can’t expect these problems to just dissappear and some problems come with online play, like lag and connection problems, unless u r the host or u live next to the host there is always going to be connection problems. And host migrations don’t ALWAYS fail they’re are much better than mw1 where if the host leaves the game just ends. that was a big comment. (Only part of this was a direct responce to you the other part was to everyone.

    • Dude i think that their series has been fine only that COD:W@W had problems but MW2 ive not seen 1 problem except for the hack and thats only with private matches besides dude their series of campaigns are great campaigns. bu Black Ops is not their best work cuz of the lag in kills and knife kills but when you shoot some one they die from 3 feet away from where they were suppose to die and the gun sounds are off and the graphics arent as good but dude MW2 is fine Black Ops is a great campaign but got some flaws but is still a great game and COD is still one of the best war game series of our time yes its not the best but one of the greatest. and can some one tell me when Victor Reznov was not there in the campaign and when he was as in when he first left in the campaign plz and ty.see ya freaks.

    • what is being said is if we put a man on the moon 40 years ago then why cant we program a video game correctly 40 years later? But thanks for your genius insight!

    • No Bobby, you are the idiot. He didn’t compare the two, he simply said that if you can do something as great as that, then you can program for a game console. He is right. If they can make W@W run good on the ps3, why is Black Ops all screwed up.

      Money. That’s why….
      1 they knew they would get the sales
      2. M$ pad for them not to give a sh1t about the ps3 version. You can tell by their comment right before the game came out “Everyone knows what system Black Ops will be best on.”
      3. M$ is KNOWN to throw money at devs faces for content. Whats to stop them from doing it for this reason?
      4. We all know Activision are money whores.

      See M$ should buys first party studios instead of buying content. The ps3 has the best exclusives for that reason. Instead M$ takes that big wad of cash and slaps whoever bought a ps3 with it. The ps3 gamers lose….nobody else.

      • dude first off W@W doesnt run that good its pretty laggy dude and besides black ops and W@W is a great run on series but tell me who is Alex Mason and hwen did he and Reznov meet im still confused unless they meet in COD 1 or 3 cuz isnumber 2 a mw series or are those just there own series and md and W@W just their starting series plz answer this.

  2. I too did the ‘delete save file and game data’ thing to try to get the game to function. (incidentally, Treyarch are stating that a ‘hot fix’ was released at the same time we all did this after copying each other after discussing in forums and that the ‘hot fix’ was the cure, not deleting save data)
    I feel cheated by Treyarch. For the same reasons as stated by users in the article, but also for the poor quality of the port. 30 fps max??? Really? MW2 was 60fps and it shows. Black Ops seems is so choppy it feels like I’m playing COD2 on the PS2!
    The biggest reason though for me is the handicap given to the host. This goes beyond belief. In other P2P online games, the host has a marginal advantage. The benefit to other players is a host who wants to remain the host ensuring many games of blissful playing. On Blops though, the Host is given lag to ‘level the playing field’. This creates all sorts of problems. It makes the game more ‘choppy’, increases the chance of ‘rage quit’ by the host and creates lobbies that are forever changing.
    Treyarch have ruined the brand of COD, they have insulted all PS3 users (3.1 million who bought the game that is) and they have damaged both ‘treyarch and activison’ beyond repair…in my opinion.

    • Treyarch would never admit to letting a patch pass through testing and then it gets loaded on the wrong section of the hard drive, JD2020 says the hotfix came out at 930, i deleted and re added patch an hour before this and fixed my problem. the hotfix was for users who hadnt yet downloaded the patch. they need to implement a brand new patch to get all users on the same page.

  3. Before the update I would maybe get kicked once or twice wich i didnt mind but now with the update the first 30 mins i got kicked off 3 times and maybe finished one and a half game of TDM. Most people that i know who bought the game went back to MW and MW2 after week I am giving this game a chance because I waited in line and got the prestige edition (yeah i know i am a sucker) but I think going foward anything with the treyarch stink on it I will avoid.

  4. Thats why you get a superior console like xbox, i switched from a ps3 to an xbox just at the right time, haha sucks for you idiots, ps3 is shit for online no matter what game, this is just that much worse i guess, but OH WELL HAHA

    • Superior console..what a freakin joke…I have an xbox and it gets played about twice a month…how can u honestly think the xbox. is superior…Ur best is gears.halo..and mass effect 2…mass effect 2 looks and plays better on ps3..xbox has nothing even close to uncharted 2…oh and need I mention ffxiii…5 friggin discs and still looks like crappy…and just wait for portal 2…best console version_ps3…..you just bought out a developer and that’s it.

      • I don’t argue whether the consoles are superior to one another simply because the PS3 came out after the Xbox, so yeah it is a better system. The thing about it is, is the old technology that is so downgraded as everyone sees it, is right there next to the PS3 selling more copies I might add. Once again I have both systems and whether you care to hear it this is my opinion. The better system hardware wise is the PS3. When it comes to the UI (user interface for regular people) the Xbox is better, quicker and more stable. Online community and playability…..thats a joke, Xbox all the way. If I never played a multiplayer game and never intended to, I would buy a PS3 in a heartbeat (if I didn’t already own one.) If I was gaming online, I would definitely pick an Xbox over the PS3 any day. Oh and as far as looks go, the two relatively look the same to me on my LED LCD 240hz Samsung, so I have no complaints about neither looking better than the other. Those that look that hard are retarded. Play the game.

        P.S. My PS3 is a Blu-Ray player with benefits. Its seriously dusty from the amount of time it gets used.

    • yea that is what i was gonna do , i even waited like 2weeks after premier and evrybody was saying game is good etc bullpoop!~today i DL/d the 1.04 patch and played a game (while my bro was downloadin 4 movies n doin other stuff) and it was no lag , a made a party , got the host i had 4 bars they all 2 ,i as u guys call it rage quit i just couldn take it

  5. the one thing that dissapoints me abit is people leaving in the middle of the game and no one joins in leaving 1 or 2 person on the other team which makes the game really boring. 400,00 people are playing the game yet no 2 or 3 people join in. im an xbox user btw.

  6. My fist comment to the PS3 owners (me being one of them) there are going to be way more issues due to the fact that the Playstations network is free and poorly maintainted. There are features that end up on Xbox first like map packs and etc, thats probably because we pay for our connection. I have the luxury of owning both sytems and copies on both, not bragging, just saying I have the better look between the two. First and foremost, I am extremely pleased with this game even after the update compared to Modern Warfare 2. To me that game was a joke. The playstation version of Black Ops does sometimes run terrible (lag, framerate dropping, etc) but there are more times that I get a better connection then bad. After the patch though I can’t seem to get my router off the Moderate NAT settings (pissed about that.) but it still works. The Xbox version mught have a few more perks because we pay for our service, but we also have up to 1,000,000 people playing online at a time versus the max I’ve seen on PS3 was just under 500,000. We get a ton of connection issues and lag just the same. If I had to pick between the 2 I would pick my Xbox, but thats just me. To get to the point of this rant, there is never going to be the perfect game. Everyone thinks that with the tech we have today, yes, we should have flawless games. The problem with that is you have 1 person out there finding ways to cheat for every 5 people and eventually the once great video game goes down the drain. From there on its patch after patch until they get it right but if you ain’t paying for it and you can get online and run matches whether a few of them are laggy or not, deal with it. I don’t pay for my PS3 online so I have no complaints. I do however pay for 3 Gamertags on Xbox in which case I have every right to complain about lag and connectivity problems. All in all, we will never get the perfect game so shut up, have fun and get over it. It’s a game. If you can’t have fun playing it, you should try needlepoint. Just sayin.

    • 360 version I’ve only lagged out once and that was because the connection in my house, I had a power outtage. 360 version is fine.

  7. I have been a die hard COD fan since the dawn of the series. I have also been a PS3 fan; it’s the only system I own. My two cents is that it’s all about money. This won’t be the last COD game and it isn’t the first that people has shelled out hard earned money for and have felt cheated and disappointed. My typical complaints are what’s already listed in other comments so no need to beat a dead horse.
    In my opinion, Trey Arch seems more diligent and is trying to communicate the issues and resolve them versus how poorly Infinity Ward handled all the cheating and lobby hacks with MW2. Again, once they have your money, don’t expect much support. I don’t plan on ever buying another COD game only because it will be the same thing. If it’s not connectivity issues (lag, host robustness, etc.) then it will most likely be uncontrollable game play with cheats, glitching, and typical nonsense. COD is addictive and fun when it works, but I won’t support any more of this series from Trey Arch or Infinity Ward. I don’t care if they offer up “Modern World at War Black Ops Warfare 3” with both developers working 24/7 to support it.

    • I completely agree with you. I think the only way to get it through their heads is to do just that, stop buying the game. Play something else. Quit making it the largest selling first person franchise and maybe someone else will step up and do what we need or want them to do…..make a great game.

  8. I feel a little better owning a 360 now. But I’m still getting a PS3 anyways for it’s amazing single player games. And I stopped giving a shit about the COD series a month after MW2. Hackers galore, on both platforms.

  9. You guys are forgetting the most important thing!
    1) The PS3 version doesn’t even run at 45FPS!!!!!! Seriously?
    2) Game is native at 540p (PS3) instead of 600p (xbox 360). (1040×608 for xbox 360 and 960×544 for PS3
    3) Treyarch can’t code on PS3, thinks they can. Previous games were equal. This one isn’t. Obviously, Treyarch is the problem here.

    • no poop they r, i h8 them , i hated w@w but i played campaign n some multi which sucked big time but wasnt laggy, mw2 had lots of problems but wasnt laggy(compared 2 bo) ehhh ,,,b.o. back on a shelf

  10. i tried the solution posted on top and erased all the game data and redownloaded with the patch and havent lost 1 connection in the last hour

  11. I was actually planning on buying this up until I read this. I rented the game a few days after launch and thought it was pretty good. The story is just a hallway shooting gallery which occasionally seems immersive, but I overlooked it for the online, which is why I wanted the game in the first place. I found it to be good when it worked, and that was most of the time. However, after I read this article and some of the comments I know I won’t be giving my money to this piece of crap dev. I’m waiting for LBP2 or Portal 2 at this point; I see nothing on the PS3 right now that wasn’t hastily ported for more money.

  12. I find it HIGHLY annoying that 360 users can login individually and not have to just be a “second player” (2). Is MS paying Activision to let them do this? Being able to split-screen online was a great step, but leaving PS3 users in the dark on that one is a big burn in my books.

    I, like everyone else, am frustrated to the point where I don’t even bother playing. The same things over and over, like we’ve all heard. Failed host migrations, interrupted connections, rah rah. I can deal with getting kicked once and awhile – it happens. But what is most frustrating to me is getting separated from my party members ALL the time. Connecting all of us into different games, kicking one but not the other.. not even being able to join.

    Snark snark snark. I’ll be much happier when this is all fixed. And I’d love to see the things that were actually supposed to be in the patch.. ie- respawn on team matches.. nothing more annoying then spawn, die, spawn, die instantly. Unless of course I’m the one with the huey! :p

  13. FYI- There is nothing more annoying then console “elitists”. Both are amazing systems and it’s all preference. I own, and love both my consoles. But if you were to ask me which I’m currently gaming on? PS3 owns the 360 right now.

  14. You guys should have never dumped one dollar into this drink coaster of a game. I don’t care what they say over at Activision or Treyarch, there is no excuse for the horrible port and all problems. NO EXC– USE AT ALL. There are many games on the PS3 that shit on any 360 game because some developers actually care about quality instead of money. Unfortunately when Microsoft and Activision decided to deep throat each other, this is what happens. I would blame most of this on Activision mainly because they are biased towards the PS3 and this shows through all the shitty ports they have published. You cant say that’s not true because you know what PS3 games look like when they’re done right(uncharted, killzone, etc.)

  15. Activision,

    Just put the rest of the Call of Duty franchise exclusive on 360/future Xbox consoles. You’ve already upseted the Playstation community with your inferior ports, If you’re going to ditch out a good margin of the Playstation install base with your agreement with Microsoft, then don’t bother releasing another COD on PS. Simple.

    • Ur so stupid. They don’t give two shits about the gameplay on ps3, MS are actually paying them. Activision just want to sell the game everyhwhere and anywhere. Example: nintendo ds version. They just want money and because it Call of Duty ur gonna get record sales not matter how shit the game is

  16. There were more programers for Xbox Live than the Xbox when it was under development. Xbox Live is not “internet access”. It was designed for gaming which requires low latency and high bandwidth. MS works with router companies and ISPs, too. For $60 per year, MS is able to provide a steady network with tools for developers. Sony does not provide this service.

    • Hmm, I’m simply tired of people’s misunderstandings of how XBLive and PSN work. The networks are matchmaking services, meaning they are a minimalist network that simply allows players to find one another. Once the players are connected, one or all of the players host and carry the game. The only thing that psn or live does for the gamers once they have found one another is 1: ensure they are still connected to the game and 2: ensure they aren’t running pirated copies of the game. EVERYTHING ELSE AND I MEAN EVERYTHING ELSE regarding the online aspects of the game are controlled by the player’s own connection quality, and the developer’s netcode.

      Simply put, the video game developers create the code with which the games run, and sometimes, very rarely, the video game developer will actually host the game on their own servers instead of forcing the players to host via their own crap connections. This has nothing to do with PSN, this is 100% about Activision and Treyarch not providing a proper port for the PS3 version.

      ALL THE PSN AND LIVE DOES IS HELP YOU FIND OTHER PEOPLE, EVERYTHING ELSE IS DONE GAME-SIDE OR PLAYER-SIDE. PLEASE STOP INSISTING ONE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER REGARDING CONNECTION SPEEDS!!! Feel free to argue the interface, or groups, etc; but the connection speeds are controlled by the player’s own isp and the game itself. Why do you think it’s treyarch releasing netcode patches for black ops and not Sony??? BECA– USE IT IS TREYARCH WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DISCONNECTS.

  17. People tend to forget that 360s like to off themselves way more than the average ps3 does. That is why I no longer own m$’s shit console. I have no problems with Black Ops and have been playing it since day one. I personally don’t give a shit that I am missing split screen and other nonessential crap. As long as I do not have to deal with a console that freezes and RROD itself, i’m happy.

  18. …I did played MW and then MW2, they both have issues but in all they’re very nice games and so I got BO….cause I fell on the Zombies thing and the dogs…instead of doing what I usually do like normally do with new games from unknown devs, renting first, God pls forgive me for not listening to my brain, on so many games I have played campaign in the highest difficulty and always on fps usually (more like all the time) i have 1 shot 1 kill head shots, well, BO is the first game I need to use 2 or 3 of these to get a “clean kill” and then the AI but more disappointing was the graphics, why do ppl still say that BO has better graphics than MW2??? I mean even the damned helos look like matchbox toys while in MW2 were pretty and detailed and the environment is more reactive towards anything, wasn’t BO supposed to use similar engines with MW2???…and then the MP, oh God…”facepalm”…GLITCHY…laaaagggg…frame rate issues, bad respawns, and let’s not forget the U2 at 3 kills but the counter U2 at 4 kills, WTF….so every game of htd becomes camping till u hear the enemy U2 is coming and even then most of them just keep camping….and so we got the patch to fix things, sorry but what a fix was this, is the first time in years, that I get a “server is full”, say what???, I counted 10, not 12 but 10 ppl on a 12 player match and then when is about to launched I got the boot….and then the other issues that everybody points…never in my life will I be buying another game from Treyarch, not for my 360 not for my Ps3 and less for any future console, gaming has become a new fashion world, companies just release a new fashion every year or every season, “this is the newest” they say, back in the day games were nice and less buggy, these days inet has made companies become lazy coders who rely on “network availability” to push fixes and blame their errors and mistakes…I mean not even Zombies can be enjoyed cause there is no players, funny I have no problem when I play firefight on Reach, anyway, for the mean time I’ll stick to MW2 and we’ll see how they endup fixing this bs..if they ever do fix it…

  19. All I see as I scroll down is…


    Some of these aren’t even written correctly, which pretty much makes me assume that it’s not worth reading. TreyarchWorldPR’s post was hilarious and Patrick’s post is either an attempt at trolling or just complete fail.

    While I do agree with the three main posts on this article, I will have to say that even though the Xbox 360 version isn’t as bad as PS3’s, it still takes me about 20-40 minutes to get into a match online. Eventually I just give up and revert back to Halo: Reach.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops has the worst online I have ever played in a series with such high recommendation.

    Time to revert back to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare!

  20. Honestly, this game feel like a beta version.

    1. Host migration fails
    2. Latency issues
    3. Patch 1.04 issues
    4. Choppy character movement (watch as opponents run by- there’s always an obvious degree of choppiness that is typically not present in most final versions of games)
    5. Graphics- checked into it- the reason they look so bad is because they apparently are based upon a heavily “massaged” Quake 3 engine (circa 1999)
    6. Gameplay – I’ve never felt more like a rat running in a puzzle
    7. Physics – not really present- ie bullet travel time, bullet drop, destructible environment, not even permanent “skin” or “layer” damage to environment
    8. Vehicles- scripted only?? RC doesn’t count lol

    I mean come on!!! This is 2010!! I’m probably biased, but I guess now that I’ve tried COD, it’s back to Battlefield permanently. I’d advise you guys as well.

    • well what kind of bullet drop would u want at those tiny a$s maps ;)i agree about the rest tho , also RC car? wtf were they thinking? did toys’r’us halp make this game 2?hmm i watched a ton of modern warfere shows etc, (that 1 wit the bold guy hm forgot name) n never saw anything as dumb as that f&^$ RC car, i think its for all those noobs from mw2 missin commando n other bs ,

  21. How times have changed. Not long ago when a game came out it was great or it sucked but there was no patches for console games. Yes there was glitches but mario 64 worked the frist time out.twisted metal and dreamcast games. As soon as the harddrive came out for consoles almost all games need patches.
    but you also get what you pay for. xbox has xharged for service from day one so there shouldnt be conplaining.
    Sony will never catch the 360 because of online play. I like the ps3 but just as my wii is now in my bedroom for netflix and some internet .my ps3 will be for offline games only. I will buy lbp2 but I am trading in most of my online games for 360 ones. I already play borderlands, bioshock2 and others on 360 so why not rdr and blackops. I get what I paid for so I’m starting today with blk ops 360 version, can i say lv 1 again

    • good luck!~id do the same if i had a box hehe, eventualy i will , but u know u can use your ps3 for internet and netflix right ,i cant imagine trying 2 write something with a wii controler ;)peace n cookies

  22. When i downloaded the patch it blocked me from doing any of the match types.
    so I exited out to the main screen and tried again. It didn’t work.
    I tried going to theater mode and it worked.
    I exited out of that and went to the
    match selection screen and it worked… =p
    what was the huge problem? I’m missing it.

    all that happened was a thing that happens to all games.
    momentary failure.

    the people who maintain these massive multiplayer online games are NOT GODS.

    But I do agree with the fact that my g.f. and i should be able to play both our profiles on split-screen like the x-box users.
    PlayStation obviously didn’t care.

  23. well im not a cod veteran but i bought blak ops because of the multi hype and now seeing the situation on ps3 disappointment has shrouded me

  24. So I guess these 3 people didn’t realize that there hasn’t been a single superior looking or running multi-platform game on the PS3? I thought we figured out that Microsoft actually worked with 3rd party game developers on the 360’s hardware, architecture, and API and programming interfaces, and the PS3 architecture is a convoluted mess that Sony shoved in front of developers faces about 4 years ago.

  25. I am very ungry because i played too long this game and was in the 7th prestige and today i open my ps3 and i have been reset to 0.I don’t know who is responsible or if the patch is but Activision should make something about this and i found out that if you have been reset there isn’t anything to do.0

  26. How can you be a “veteran” of a game that’s only been out for, what, five weeks?

    And seriously? Referring to yourself by your screen name?

  27. This is actually my last COD and last activision game for that matter. The same way I stop buying UBI games is the same way about activision games. Like someone mention MAG can add 256 players to a game without lag yet this douche bags cannot even get 12 players to play without lag, BS. tired of companies and their half ass games.

    • yea but MAG sux badly lol i think ppl at gamef*y had the quickest game return ever thx 2me and MAG lol seriously but doesnt change the fact multiplayer worked w/o smallest lag, mayb MAG ppl(whoever made it)should team up with infinity? hm idk idk,i just want my games 2 actualy work :)peace

    • Dude thats because its manufactured ny the U.S. Military dude they’ve got acess to the taxes and government money andthey spent like almost billions of dollars making this MAG game dude DUMB DUMB!!!!!! But you are right they do need to try harder for these war games their series of campaigns have been great but they really do need to get off their lazy buts and work harder.

  28. Hey guys, glad to see you are all so passionate about this. The new RipTen.com is coming soon and we’ll have a brand new site with proper forums and much more so you can argue properly!! :-p


    Teh Editor

  29. Tony Stark’s rant and article lost all credibility the moment the word “Noob” entered his article. Fawk! when will this unoriginal overly used word die already.

  30. About 70% of my games (to my best estimate) are good connection. The other 30% are either a little laggy or unbearable.

    Of course I leave the unbearable ones right away; half the time I just assume some guy from the UK is host, so why bother playing?

    What DOES bother me is when my system (A year old ps3 this Christmas)freezes on me. It happens about once every few hours. This ONLY happens when I play black ops, so don’t presume to tell me its my system, I play plenty of other games. Also, a good 5% of my matches lag out. That’s not a huge percentage, but a lot more IMO than what I have experienced in other online multiplayer games, including MW2.

    In light of these issues, I’m not going to be a dick and sign some petition for a refund, I enjoy the game that 70% of the time. Obviously the Japanese people over at sony are out of touch with whats going on in the gaming industry, so if it bothers you that much go sell your ps3 on craigslist and buy a used 360, you’ll be out like $50 probably but whatevs, its christmas right? In all honesty though I doubt the experience will be improved that much.


    A little off topic, but one thing I don’t see people complain about that much is the fact that the game just doesn’t feel or look as clean as MW2. Personally I prefer black ops because the overall balance and play of the game is way better, but it feels like they are using the same gaming engine as W@W just pushed a little further in quality. Makes me wish that whoever the brains are behind BO would go work for Infinity Ward since they obviously have better stuff to work with.

  31. If you think about it, xbox 360 users pay for xbox live, therfore we are paying for good online service. Yours is free so you cant really complain. Overall, xbox live is better than playstation network by a longshot

    • Live never made any sense to me. If I play an online game that is in need of constant upkeep, like WoW, I can understand paying a monthly fee to the people who maintain the GAME. But why would I pay for a game, and pay for internet, and then pay Microsoft so that I can use my internet and game together?

  32. Everyone is arguin like one console is better than the other they both hav there ups and downs xbox users say there console is better because they hav to pay extra money to play haha whatever its a network problem get over it theres more things to life then arguin what computer is better get your prioritys sorted sooner rather than later

  33. since all of this bitching i honestly could say… xbox people you can HAVE treyarch… we can HAVE infinity ward honestly its treyarch guys… its not infinity ward… treyarch sucks compared to infinity ward of course mw2 BLOWS hardcore but they still make a good game treyarch is a fan boy… mw2 was the first call of duty game to make perks that can be PRO and mw2 also has better graphics, better story, better multiplayer. just leave the bitching somewhere else wait for a game worth bitching about not like this prehistoric donkey shit.

  34. I see SO many people complain about there PS3 version not working!!!!!!! HELL YOU GUYS CAN TAKE IT BACK! THINK ABOUT PC — USERS!!! WE CANT EVEN BRING THE GAME BACK CA– USE WE — USE CD KEYS AHHHHHHHH! This shit is rediculous! An absolute FAILURE of code, and I’ve had enough of this shit! I wake up every morning hoping there was another patch(I CANT EVEN FIND OUT IF THERE WAS OR NOT BECA– USE STEAM DOESNT TELL YOU!) and low and behold! NO! I FREEZE AFTER 15 SECONDS OF BEING IN GAME AND HAVE TO RESTART MY COMPUTER! For all you people who say “Dont spend money on it then” SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH. It is NOT my fault I went to buy a *seemingly* finished game and its COMPLETELY unusable.

    • Dude i feel ya but ive got a PS3 and dude really think about getting a real system its better and dude seriously im not talking down on you but make it a number 1 priority so id say stop coimplaining but you no im being kinda nice right now.so cya.

  35. I have no idea what those “veterans” PS3 players are talking about.. but I haven’t had a single issue with no gun while spawing etc. The only issue I ever had was the parties splitting etc. Yes, I play on the PS3. Patches have fixed both issues.

  36. I never really had a problem with Black Ops until the 2 recent patches, and what im finding annoying is that my NAT Type is rarely on open, its on moderate so its not finding any good connection games, its findin 2/3 bar games… im ps3 by the way…. and the main problem that stems onto this is that i currently live in Dubai and im now over in the UK for Xmas and its still matchmaking me to the same kind of games that I would get in Dubai, with hosts in Saudi Arabia and all those similar countries “/ can anyone help?

  37. i agree with Riese Project but Riese it is a fight that i will take on as PS3 but ya once they make a super awesome game that is worth bitching for then call me but until than im going with infinity ward and activision and treyarch so until than leave it alone.

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