CEO of the gaming Death-Star (Activision), Bobby Kotick, has made a few statements regarding Treyarch’s credibility – or lack thereof.

“I don’t think Treyarch got their due for how much they contributed in the production and polish to the multiplayer . . . multiplayer has been largely developed by Treyarch,” Kotick told CNN — and said this applies even to Infinity Ward’s games.

The legal battle regarding Infinity Ward now has more fuel for it’s fire, as Activision adds EA to the list of it’s sue-able targets, stating that the company wooed Vincent Zampella and Jason West away from Infinity Ward.  The lawsuit also contains allegations stating that that the pair needed to be the best Call of Duty developers, at the expense of fellow studio Treyarch.

There’s often been backhanded talk and passive aggressive notions from Infinity Ward about their fellow CoD developer Treyarch, but shit gets real when Infinity Ward’s Jason West had an apparent, “Intentional strategy to ‘crush and destroy’ his fellow developers at Treyarch” – quoting what the lawsuit claims are Ward’s text messages.

Kotick also told CNN that Activision got 5,000 resumes after West and Zampella were fired for actions, “So wrong that you were left with no choice.”

Does that mean it takes 5,000 people to replace them?  Or just that another 5,000 people are willing to sign up for storm trooper duty under Lord Kotick?

Source: Gamasutra


  1. This guy and Activision are getting so annoying. If I had few missles I would throw them on this and Activision to earse them from this world. Fcuk this guy and Activision.