Konami already has a slew of titles coming to the 3DS, including franchises such as Contra and the revered Metal Gear series.  Though its not official, we may also see Castlevania join the ranks.

According to to industry writer Paul Gale, sources are indicating that Konami’s, “3D modelers have already begun work  on then next Castlevania game and that it’s for 3DS.” Gale also mentions that the new title could take advantage of the 3D camera.

Koji Igarashi has previously let it be known that Konami has the 3DS Development kit in-house, and that he is quite fond of the technology.

Castlevania games always do very well on handheld platforms such as the GBA or DS – So given the track-record, I’d say the question is not if Castlevania will come to the 3DS, but when.

Source: Dtoid