It’s no secret that PS3 gamers are not satisfied with their version of Call of Duty: Black Ops.  In fact, many of them are so upset that they’ve started a petition to be refunded for the game.

Here is an excerpt from the petition:

Is it fair to charge Playstation 3 owners the same price for an inferior product, when both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 had the same amount of development time? Is it fair to charge Playstation 3 owners the same price for an inferior product, when the previous version (Modern Warfare 2) was equal on both systems but Black Ops is not? Is it fair to charge Playstation 3 owners the same price for an inferior product, when the previous version (Modern Warfare 2 on PS3) looked better than Black Ops looks now on PS3?

We are requesting a full refund for Call of Duty Black Ops! Or some type of compensation!  Most PS3 users would even be grateful for free map pack!

Thank You…

COD BO PS3 Owners

Here are some excerpts from gamers who have signed the petition:

It is appalling a developer or a publisher would release a game on two platforms charging the same price but not offer the same game in terms of quality or functionality.

The frame rate stuttering makes it unplayable, and actually gives me a headache. Literally.

ALL OF THEESE PROBLEMS SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED BEFORE THE RELEASE NOT AFTER, as such I think there should be some compensation made.

Almost all online games I play end with a connection lost error. Extremely frustrating, and these patches don’t seem to do anything to address these issues.

3 months – 3 patches – no better

The lag and the disconnects makes the multiplayer unplayable. As far as graphics it feels like they went a step back from MW2.

The online performance of this game is horrible, especially when trying to join games with a party of 3+. Multiplayer is the only reason I play this game and sofar it’s been a terrible experience.

I feel completely ripped off and discriminated against as a PS3 owner, what junk product they duped me into buying. They have made 1 Billion off black ops; I want a refund due to product not performing as advertised.

Multiplayer is UN-playable. Constant disconnects, failed host migration, party separation, game freezing for PS3. Updates have not fixed or seemingly helped the faults of production. This game functions 50% at best.

I want my money back! The latest update made this game unplayable online.

If you want to sign the petition, you can do so HERE

Are you a PS3 gamer that is still having issues with Black Ops?  Do you think you deserve a refund?  Let us know.


  1. Wii owners have been buying an inferior version of Call of Duty for a long time now. It’s surprising that the petitioners are so surprised they’d do it to PS3 owners, since Activision obviously values the 360 for CoD more.

    • Well, Wii gamers know they are getting a version with inferior visuals due to the limitations of the hardware. This shouldn’t be one of the issues on a console like the PS3 however.

      • I’m just saying, Activision already demonstrated that they didn’t care if PS3 owners had an inferior product when they signed their DLC exclusitivity agreement with Microsoft.

        • The DLC exclusivity was made because Microsoft paid millions for the privalege… way more than it’s worth in my opinion. Also the wii is a kids console, not really for serious gamers, that’s why activision don’t care if its inferior.

      • Wii! Wii games should be no more than $10 at release, ANY TITLE! What is the average price for a GameCube game these days! The Wii is 200mhz faster than the GAMECUBE!! Those 200mhz is for the motion controller!! The Wii is a GAMECUBE SLIM!! for pete-sakes!!

    • The wii is not a gaming console A.. B) the wii version will never be the same as the Xbox/ps versions of games EVER! if you even put the same graphics on the system somehow it would just blow up :P..

      • Well, I don’t lag out to much, but host migration works 15% of the time and my ps3 freezes way to much, and also I Linda want the mappack sometime soon. But I ain’t signing a petition

      • actually the ps3 considered the best system in the specs department and games to but that don’t mean it better then the other game system. it might have better specs but it stills has flaws. same goes for the other systems. if your gonna say something like that u might want to back it up because it just makes you look unintelligent for attacking a good system.

        • tec specs are the ps3 has 256mb of ram the 360 512 ps3 has a single core that can act like 8 cores if developed for right.. the 360 has a triple core so all spec wise the 360 is a little better go to wikki if you dont belive me.. and about the wii it has a better video card than the origanl xbox so we should be seeing better games but nobody wants to take there time… the ps3 version of black ops isnt that bad just has some lighting issues and the online is buggy thats becuse online is free xbox useurs have pay for a awsome connection

    • yes i do have BO on the ps3 but i prefer to play on 360, just becuse of the party talk the 360 has but yes i was there release night an got it for the ps3 and wii

  2. “Is it fair to charge Playstation 3 owners the same price for an inferior product, when both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 had the same amount of development time?”

    I don’t understand this question. If both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 shared the same amount of development time, then yes it is fair to charge Playstation 3 owners the same price.
    Their argument is invalid.

    I don’t know about full refund on the game, but I would definitely support a full map pack and not be pissy about it on my Xbox 360.

    Treyarch’s twitter though doesn’t even seem like they care.

    “TreyarchWorldPR Treyarch’s PR
    The best part about being a billion dollar company is to never having to say you’re sorry… or caring #blackops #wemadeit”

    • Actually, after thinking it over for a time, I did see an argument. It did not have very much evidence to back it up, but PS3 users are basically saying that it is unfair for them to be buying a product that is not the same quality as the Xbox version although both had the same amount of development time.

      Even though I myself play on Xbox, I can understand where they are coming from. It sucks, I get it, but I don’t think that justifies a full refund. A free map pack is totally understandable though. However, I don’t see the point in a map pack if the game is indeed “broken”. So they’ll have to find some other way to feel, for lack of a better word, better.

      • It doesn’t really have anything to do with the development time. I could care less if they spent one year making it on XBOX and then spent 2 months converting it to PS3 as long as the game was playable, or at least as UNplayable as its XBOX counterpart. The problem is that we are buying what is advertised as Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is advertised as having all of the exact same features for both consoles, and therefor the price for both is the same. The problem: Not the same product in terms of content, and most importantly, FUNCTIONALITY!

        • I don’t really have any knowledge about how the functionality relates to development time or time taken to port a game, so I really can’t argue. I do agree with you, though. It is advertised one way and yet does not completely function the same.
          I also agree that it wouldn’t matter about the length of time spent to port. If the issue were the opposite and the problem was on 360, I would totally understand if Treyarch needed a month or so to port the game and mantain quality across consoles.
          However, the issue I’m concerned about is the compensation. Whenever I plan on buying a game, I look up user and critic reviews to make sure what I think is a good game is also considered fun and functional by others. It is kind of hard to allow a full refund for a game people knowingly bought. When a game is notorious for one thing or another, then generally the game is not worth buying, so why would you buy it anyway?
          I get that there are a few Call of Duty fans that would rather just go and buy the game without researching because it is part of a franchise they love, but maybe taking a second to look up reviews and such would save them the $60.

  3. Meh, i play black ops on the 360 and it sucks that everyone on the ps3 can’t play it. But don’t worry complainers u guys got alot of great games coming on the ps3 in ’11 while everyone on the box is just playing COD.

  4. Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises.

    Treyarch are a bunch of jews scheming money on the American people. They used the Call of Duty franchise name to collect money on an inferior product. They do not know how to make video games and are pretentious as well. Microsoft are a bunch of crooks as well, we already knew the fact beforehand and the outcome of this game.

    • @Eelrijue (or however you type your name)

      Hey DipSh*t. Knock it off with the racist remarks. You’re not impressing anyone with the obvious facts that you’re immature and that Treyarch / Activision may be a bunch of crooks.

      And happy holidays

  5. i thinkkk black ops is a dissapointment ii cant beleive they sell this game for 45pounds thats juss a ripp off.i prefer modernwarfare 2 and 1 i neva had anysingle problmz goin online with this bunch of crap i gett headaches ii got ridd of myn lst week.i really think they shuud gett bakk infinity ward thier were alot bettrrr.i would reccommend moderwarfare 1 or 2 guyz black ops is a dissapointment

  6. Everyone stop being such huge babies. No one has the right to say Treyarch did this or that, or that the deserve more for their money. No one here has enough knowledge of an entire companies vibe, especially the dude that quoted a FAKE twitter as being a fact? For years the PS3 has ported over versions of games that, look, feel and play like crap. The best looking and feeling games are made to use PS3’s unique hardware and take advantage of its benefits. The Xbox is much closer to a PC by design so just accepts a little better. If you haven’t figured it out by the Playstation Network is FREE and that is good because it isn’t worth the pennies it doesn’t cost. Xbox live is a great product all I have to PAY for it. Me paying for this product allows them to offer more updates and better experience. If you want a better experience buy a better product. I own Wii, Wii Fit, PS3, 2 Xbox’s and a Kinect and my Xbox is the only thing I turn on unless I want to watch a Blu-Ray or play a PS3 exclusive (Love Uncharted 1&2, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain) PS3 has a unique architecture making it GREAT for exclusive titles, bad for ports…we all know this and can see it over and over. So do you want to cry about it or just go get an Xbox? I would before Mass Effect 2 pisses you off AGAIN

  7. Okay why would someone wait 3 months to get a refund on something they knew 3 minutes into playing the game. I think they are just trying to get the better off on a gaming company. If your not happy with a product then you should return it within the stores time limit. not keep it a few months and then want your money back becaus your not happy with it.

        • well my point is when im about to buy a game i decide by trailers and demos if the game is good. if it sucks i pass it on. if its good ill buy it. i played black ops on xbox and wasnt pleased with it. should i get my money back for it? no because the game isnt broken just sorry made. should i sue the gaming company for making a sorry made game? no because im not an idiot. The people have no right to get a full refund on the game because they dont like it because one system is made slightly better then the other. Should of kept your reciept and went and got your money back when you had the chance. hell 7 days you can get your money back from most stores. Hell you waited how long now? you played the game beat it a dozen times and now you want your money back because your basically bored with it is how i see it. hell i got over 100 games for xbox. should i sue for full refund on all of them for lack of getting achievements in them because they closed down the servers on some of them? i think ill go out and buy chromohound and then sue the game industry for having the servers closed down so i cant 100% the game. If you dont want to buy a game get gamefly and rent the SOB games and stop your freaking whining like little halo 7yr olds.

          • Like many people, I got the game on the release date on Nov. 9th. If I recall, patch 1.04 was released on Dec. 14th, just days after my 30 day return policy.

  8. To reply to this Rob, most stores now, primarily ALL of them, have a open box policy on video games and software, that once you open it, it’s yours. There are no returns. As I quickly learned with the disappointment of Starcraft 2. (I’m not here to argue this, stating my point on the return policies.) Of course, you may lose SOME money, but you could ebay it instantly and take a small loss.

  9. Hm, They’re a Billion Dollar company, What is 7,500 units to them.

    Dear Treyarch, Please give these pissy PS3 owners something so they will stop complaining.

    Thank you, your loyal XB360 Player.

    • i understand about the open game policies. you got gamestop and gamefly that will give you something for the game. but when your asking for a full refund on a game a few months old that you played and beat several times and now have no use for its pretty much saying “hey give me your games ill play them and when im done i want my money back otherwise ill find something wrong with it and sue you.” its little whining 7 year old mentality that causes True gamers to have a bad image on the net. no one wants to take responsibility for anything anymore that they just blame the gaming companies instead for poor childhood raising. “Oh tim ran amok and killed 20 people then stole a car and sped off onto the interstate we should blame grand theft auto and need for speed for that oh whos the parents? me but i would of raised a better kid if i didnt keep buying them those games to shut them up from whining and bothering me all the time.”

    • 7500 units at 65.00 bucks a unit including taxes = $487,500 thats nearly half a million bucks. just off standard edition units. now factor in those who bought the hardened and collectors edition and it would be alot higher then that. buy hey just continue sueing the company till they go bankrupt or decide to stop making video games and watch how the good games start to disappear.

  10. I Think Its By Far The Better Of C.O.D. Series …
    I Do Have A Life With Real People I Encounter , So Can’t Tell You If Pixels On A Box , In A Room Are Bad … LOL
    I Do Have A Fix , Go Get A Job And Buy A To Be Red Ringed XBOX .
    Or The Crazy Awsome “RETARTED” Waist Of A Console The W!!

  11. Anyone think this is caused by Microsoft and the deal they have on the COD products. Maybe they hinted to Treyarch that if they make a crappy PS3 version, people will buy the xbox version and they will make it worth their while.

  12. ** Please, make something for us Game for us Playstation 3 system ! Thanks a lot !
    (Sorry for my poor language, i speak english not well)

  13. Who is stupid enough to buy a multiplatform game on PS3? There has been literally 1 game (BurnOut Paradise) that was slightly better on the PS3 over the 360. The rest of the games are completely 100% hands down better on the 360 because M$ actually worked with 3rd party developers in designing the console instead of throwing the Cell into the market and saying figure it out. This hasn’t changed for 4 years. Get off your poor asses and buy a 360 already.

    -John Daker

    • No dude, the reason for that is because the PS3 gets the shitty ported versions. Microsoft doesn’t work with developers – developers know how to use the 360’s hardware, and dumbasses try to develop for the PS3 and they fail. But now (excluding this game obviously) developers are pulling their heads out of their asses, and doing a great job with the PS3. Oh – btw, the 360 is a fail, and a money-shark.

      • Sorry to correct you but Microsoft worked with several 3rd party development organizations on both the hardware design of the 360 and the XNA/API framework adapted to the system for easy software development. 360 dev kits were in developers hands 18 months before the console was released. Epic actually cost Microsoft 1 Billion dollars during hardware design of the 360 (

        There were many 3rd party development houses that were/still are upset at Sony for not working with 3rd party developers in the design of the hardware and launching a convoluted architecture at game developers. Sony notoriously shipped broken PS3 dev kits to developers months before the release of the console. Several development houses complained (which strangely enough isn’t too common) that Sony had broken and unsupported API’s within the PS3 hardware and that even after more than a year after the PS3’s release there were several API’s and pieces of memory controlling functionality that were broken and completely unusable within the PS3.

        Everyone likes to blame the developers but quite simply the PS3 was in almost every way not ready for launch and the games are still suffering.

  14. This story cracks me up. 360 versions will almost always be better than the ps3 version if given the exact same development life cycle. The PS3 is harder to develop for.

  15. i dont understand why they just didnt keep the receipt -_-. Or sell the game on ebay or something if they really wait their money back. Making a big deal over nothing. I guarantee you that almost everyone who signed this petition still has their copy. SMH

    • Well, it would be kind of hard to sign a petition asking for a refund on a game that you don’t even own anymore don’t you think?

  16. Some of the replies from Xbox owners reek of ignorance. I’m an xbox owner and have Black Ops, it’s a great game and the multiplayer is a lot of fun. However, I got home for Christmas and played it on my brothers PS3 and it is quite simply shocking, I mean totally unplayable. I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s an absolute disgrace. Someone commented on Pc gamers always getting a raw deal from console ports, well maybe if this is pushed hard enough that issue will come to an end. Whoever posted above stating that this effects TRUE gamers needs their head checked. This isn’t really a matter of fully committed gamers or casual gamers, the fact stands that someone spent hard earned cash, in time of a bloody recession for a completely sub standard product that clearly doesn’t meet the expectations of the customer. I feel that no amount of updates will fix the problems because for one, the frame rate issue is clearly a problem with the engine (it really is annoying) and I can’t see a patch fixing it.

    For those of you calling the PC and PS3 owners of this game whiners or whatever, maybe you should take any given opportunity to play a PS£ or PC port for an hour or two and see how it feels. If you were to come back on here and report that there was no problem with it all, then you’re not only being dishonest to others, but probably to yourself.

    This needs to be sorted.

    Oh and the petition is at 11378, I’m guessing the sudden rise in signatures is all the people that got it for Christmas and are pretty much livid that their holidays were ruined by such a let down.

  17. I really am sick of 360 fanboys(or girls)seizing every frieking oppurtunity to insult the playstation systems. I own both systems and so can say that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are both awesome, they both have great games, and anyone who has seen Killzone 2 knows they both have the same potential for awesome graphics.Also,on the issue of this little petition,
    I am an owner of the PS3 version of the game and have noticed very few problems with the game. I really think this is a stupid idea.

  18. “Almost all online games I play end with a connection lost error. Extremely frustrating, and these patches don’t seem to do anything to address these issues.

    3 months – 3 patches – no better

    The lag and the disconnects makes the multiplayer unplayable. As far as graphics it feels like they went a step back from MW2.

    The online performance of this game is horrible, especially when trying to join games with a party of 3+. Multiplayer is the only reason I play this game and sofar it’s been a terrible experience.”


  19. This petition needs to be completely rewritten. If they want Activision to do something about it, they need to hit them where it hurts the most – potential sales. It should say something like this:
    “We PS3 owners of Black Ops have united in a ban of all Activision products if the game is not fixed by February 1st, 2011. This includes cancelling all applicable WoW accounts.”
    Businesses are scared of losing potential sales, not what they’ve already gotten. If you have 15,000 people banning your products and you know that in a given year each one would potentially purchase 4 of them. That’s a loss of 60,000 units. That’s not chump change. This needs to be a threat.

    BTW – I don’t own a PS3, but a 360 and always have trouble trying to stay in a party without getting pitched out with a network error. We do have our troubles too.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong buttt…Infinity Ward did MW 2 and Treyarch did Black Ops.
      Soooo, any reference to MW 2 needs to be removed from this useless petition. No? I think so…

  20. Make it simple read the terms of service when you buy a game. Its on the manuals, online gaming is extra. But its for free and psn dont complain we have free service with sony and hackers get a life.

  21. maybe if people stopped buying cod publishers would start making good games again. i mean how many times can you reskin a game and call it new before people get wise to the scam? though, getting people to sink 100 plus dollars into the same crap over and over might be brilliant, i haven’t decided yet. it’d be like a car company releasing the same car every year but only changing the paint and upholstery. my point is that as long as crappy games keep selling big, crappy games is what we’ll keep getting.

  22. dude ever since i got this game its been going down hill! i use to play for four hours a day now i cant even play for 10 minutes without it disconnecting and now theyre selling annihilation for $14.99 more maps for a broken game? i guarantee i wont pay for these maps

  23. dude ever since i got this game its been going down hill! i use to play for four hours a day now i cant even play for 10 minutes without it disconnecting and now theyre selling annihilation for $14.99 more maps for a broken game? i guarantee i wont pay for these maps

  24. it is uplayable on xbox 360  it seems like certain people have ability to shoot you with one shot  after you unloaded a whole mag in there back and they turn around shoot you .