There is a rumor going around that there is a new flier at GameStop which reveals the North American release dates of the new Pokémon Black and White games.  According to this mysterious flier the games will release on April 17, 2011.

As a Nintendo expert I think there is some past evidence both for and against this rumor.  For starters the rumored flier that has been seen might be part of the upcoming Pokémon giveaways that are coming to GameStop stores.  During similar promotions in the past, stores would often hand out fliers advertising upcoming Pokémon games.

Another piece of evidence pointing towards this rumor being true is that the release date is on a Sunday.  Nintendo almost always releases their big titles on Sunday.  Also every main series Pokémon title on the Nintendo DS has been released on a Sunday and each of these titles has also been released in March or April.

There is information that would deny this rumor though.  For starters, the last three main series Pokémon games (Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver) have debuted in March, not April.  Nintendo may have been doing this to help the numbers for their fiscal year which ends on March 31st.  Pushing the Pokémon games back may hurt their year end numbers a bit.  Also in Nintendo’s latest financial results briefing from October 2010, Nintendo stated that Pokémon White and Black Versions were slated for Q1 2011.

One could, however, argue that Pokémon Black and White Versions have been pushed back to April to make some room for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS which is currently scheduled to come out in March.

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  1. At this point it would actually make sense to push it to April. With how long I’ve been waiting for it, it would be an amazing Q1 seller directly following the 3DS sales.

    I can’t wait. I can’t decide if I want to get Black for the industrial city, or White for the bad ass pokemon.

  2. ok its not april 17 its april 2, on a saterday. i have already reserved both black and white and i was talking to them about it and they showed me, on moniter that it is coming out on april 2, 2011 on the first saterday of april.