While you’re all out being merry and drinking egg nog – the Duke is getting ready to save the world.  But first, he has to stop off at his favorite strip joint.  A man has priorities, ya know?

This fan made short film – titled The Duke – Fate of Humanity shows our resident badass enjoying himself at his favorite hangout – only to be disturbed by the apparent end of the world going on outside.

Those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up his club.

Here’s the lowdown from the film’s creators:

The Duke – Fate of Humanity is a nod towards the toughest bad-ass of all time. A few minute short about the beginning of an Alien invasion and some heroic, yet questionable motives…

Done by Duke fans to Duke fans as homage to his legacy and as appreciation towards Gearbox for bringing him back!

Special thanks to Mauri for chipping in as the voice of Duke at the end!  He had tons of hilarious material but at the end we had to go with the classic phrase :)

Shot in one day with the Red One Camera.


George Broussard – 3DRealms (Creator of Duke) saw the film at RipTen.  He called it, “Amazing” and would love to see a longer one.

Mikey Neumann – Gearbox Software (Creative Director) also saw the film here and called it, “Strikingly well done” and even, “Tasteful”

I got in touch with the guys behind Fate of Humanity and asked them about a full feature, they had this to say:

We would love nothing more.  One with good action would be nice.  Resources are always a problem though.  Don’t want to do anything “cheap” looking for duke.  He deserves better ;)

He sure does.  Hopefully someone is interested enough in The Duke to finance a full length feature or even a longer short with some ass kicking action – we can only hope.

Here’s some pics of the team shooting the strip club scene – lucky bastards.

"Shake It Baby"

"Come Get Some!!"

Be sure to check out their Facebook Group for updates and info!!

Can’t get enough Duke!?  Check out our interview with Gearbox to read all about bringing The Duke back in 2011!!

Also be sure to check out Duke Nukem Reloaded – the full blown HD remake of Duke Nukem 3D using the Unreal 3 engine!!  (RipTen is a proud sponsor of DNR)


  1. It’s awesome. Only one thing I didn’t like. I hate when people refer to Duke as “The Duke” Other than that It gave me chills, it rules!