As you should know by now, the Tomb Raider franchise is getting a reboot.  Not only that, but it features a younger Lara Croft before she became the wealthy globe trotting heroine we all know.

Well, today we’ve got some brand new screens that show just how hard it will be for lady Croft to get her adventures started.

Game Informer has got the exclusive preview next month – but they were nice enough to release some screens for the rest of us eager gamers – enjoy:

Yeah, I know – they look amazing.  I wasn’t too excited before, but Lara and this game are lookin’ good!!

Not quite sure what a reboot is?  Mega64 will explain:


  1. We don’t care abbout these pictures. I think now the game is like Resident Evil I would say. We need approve that the game got enhanced and bring back TR to its orginal series like the old once on the Ps1 were people enjoyed playing the game and have spent over 35 hours. Not like the new once 5 hours and done.

  2. Syphon, I agree, back then the games were fun, great locations which were semi-unrealistic but more fun that way. the current games go for realism like all other damn games today and it takes out the fun factor. We need games to go back to the fun style they were in the late 90s. At least Duke Nukem Forever is going to be a proper throw-back to the 90s style FPS shooters with over-the-top levels and everything. I hope it does really well because it will spur other game companies to move away from this dreadful realism hiccup theyre on currently.