2011 is right around the corner – I can see it from my house – and the new year should bring us plenty of great games in the way of new IPs and long awaited sequels. So which games are we looking forward to the most? Our Australian Brethren Bryce Wilson and Aaron Alexander already gave their picks but here are the most anticipated titles for the rest of the team.

Dave Oshry

I am looking forward to Crysis 2 because I think it will set a new precedent for the PC FPS – the likes of which we haven’t seen since Crysis 1.  I am looking forward to The Witcher 2 because I think it will set a new precedent for linear PC RPGs, the likes of which have not been seen since The Witcher 1. I am looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever because I think it will set a precedent for foul mouthed ass kicking and babe bagging that hasn’t been seen since the likes of Duke Nukem 3D.  I’m seeing a trend here . . .

Danielle Cantrell

Mortal Kombat, for the gore and return to actual Mortal Kombat.

Portal 2, because I loved what I played of it at PAX and loved the first one.

Diablo 3, since Diablo 2 is the only computer game I could get addicted to, and Diablo 3 should be better…

MGS Rising for Raiden. Because playing as a naked “badass” is fun, if the badass is male.

Mortal Kombat. It has pen0r smash.

Ghost Trick, because the animation is really impressive and the gameplay is unlike any other game I’ve messed with. I also really, really like the art style and what I’ve seen of the story.

Okamiden, because IT’S SO CUTE.

…may I also say that I’m looking forward to Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s release date? If it comes this year? Maybe? Or perhaps a new trailer? I already know it’s prettier than FFXIV, which was SO PRETTY.

Stephanie Gutowski

I’m most looking forward to Mass Effect 3, assuming that BioWare doesn’t push it into 2012 like I’m predicting they will. We’ve seen how the devs listen to player feedback, so the third installment should really be something if they keep it up. I bought my 360 so that I could play Mass Effect and I’ve been in love with the series ever since. I’m excited, yet a bit hesitant to see how it all wraps up. Or not, because Y’know… spin offs. Whatever. Best game of all time.

Sam Naylor

Portal 2, but not as much as you might expect (I’ll still buy it the day it comes out). I’m also interested in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but since I had to look at a list of unreleased games to remember that it existed you can probably tell I’m not super excited for that, either. The only thing I ever get excited about these days is Pokémon.

Hang on a second… Pokémon… 2011… YES!

David Ernst

I have been waiting since 2008 to get my hands on another Dead Space. So the game I am looking forward to is Dead Space 2. After playing the demo, I felt everything was still the same stuff I loved, with a few improvements. I AM EXCITE! The game is the perfect balance of horror and feeling like a badass. One moment you are completely swarmed, no health, no ammo. The next, you have killed them all using items in the environment, including setting off a turret that obliterates a section of Necromorphs.

Brandon Fenty

Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls, and Dead Space, but those are already mentioned.

It’s scheduled for a later release, but Arkham City looks pretty great. Arkham Asylum was one of very few good comic book hero games, and the thrill of pulling off a perfect combo or clearing a room without a single guard seeing you is something I can’t wait to see expanded upon.

And the new Lara croft game. I’m really interested to see how they reboot such a great series. The Tomb Raider games have defined adventure puzzle for a decade, and the combination of a great story, action, and puzzles has been a winner every time.

Garrett Hartman

Uncharted 3 is going to be amazing and provide an unrivaled graphic and gameplay experience.  inFAMOUS 2 looks to give Uncharted 3 a run for the money in graphics and looks to be an incredible open world experience.  Who can forget Gears of War 3 – with the extra time it should be extremely polished.  Going to be a great year!

Andrea Emmes

I’m excited about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I never thought they would make a fifth game and then they announced it at the VGAs! Yay!!

Justin Berube

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of the titles I’m looking forward to most in 2011.  Nintendo released the Wii Motion Plus, and now the Wii Remote Plus, but there are only two first party titles that use the device in North America.  It will be interesting to see what can be done with the Wii Motion Plus in a core title like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  This title could hint at what gamers should expect in a Wii successor.

Also while it may not be a game, I’m really looking forward to the Nintendo 3DS!  It’s hard to pick a game that I want most on the device since we still don’t know which ones will be available in 2011.  Regardless the Nintendo 3DS is something I’m really excited for!

Dylan Duarte

There looks to be a lot of great games coming out in 2011, but I’ve forced myself to narrow it down. If I listed them all, we’d be here until next year.

Batman: Arkham City – My inner comic book nerd is showing. I’ve always loved superheroes and ole pointy ears is one of my favorites. Arkham Asylum was phenomenal and Arkham City is shaping up to be even battier – I mean better, better!

Uncharted 3 – I didn’t play the first Uncharted until a year or so after it came out, due to lack of a PS3. I was instantly hooked by the amazing visuals and unrelenting charm. Uncharted 2 was better in just about every way and I consider it to be one of my favorite games of all time. If Uncharted 3 isn’t the best thing I’ve ever experienced, I’m going to sell all of my possessions and wander the Earth aimlessly.

Mortal Kombat – I could say I’ve loved the series and, even though Mortal Kombat vs DC was fun and somewhat novel, I really want the series taken back to its gory roots, which seems to be happening. I could say all that, but instead I’m going to say MOOOOOOOORTAAAAAAL KOOOOOMMMBAAAAAT.

Nintendo 3DS – I’m with Justin on this. The Nintendo 3DS isn’t a game, but I’m looking forward to it so damn much that I need to include it here. Though I’m ignorantly terrified that constantly staring at a small 3D screen will melt my brain. But by golly, I’m still going to do it!

Everyone have a safe and happy new year! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, like go outside and mingle with real people.


  1. Yes, there is a distinct lack of games from the console that no doubt has the best line-up of 2011.

    Where’s LittleBigPlanet 2, The Last Guardian (OMFG, how could you leave this out!?) Killzone 3, Resistance 3, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Twisted Metal, Agent (probably)…?

    Thankfully InFamous 2 and Uncharted 3 were mentioned :)

    Also, where’s LA Noire guys!? Considering your joint GOTY for 2010, you’d think this Rockstar game would be in your 2011 list!

    Happy New Year Ripten :)

    • inFamous 2 is a must buy for me. I’ve played it. But as a PC gamer I’m more looking forward to my PC experiences in 2011. I’m not quite sold on LA Noire yet. However, it could be the game that Heavy Rain should have been. . . ya know – an adventure game with a story that makes sense and isn’t ripped out of a bad Law and Order SVU episode.

  2. Where to begin… This could be a great year for PC gaming.

    Right now, I’m looking at Brink. Brink could be the game that brings my clan back. We never found a game that could replace Unreal Tournament 2004. Brink looks like it has solid game play, solid team game play, and it looks good on an older engine. Some of our members are still running old tech.

    Duke Nukem Forever. Nuff said.

    There are two titles that I hope will tax hardware: Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3. I liked Crysis well enough, but not enough to be too stoked for the new one. Battlefield 3 though… Epic 64 player maps with destructible environments, and updated gameplay could make BF3 the standard PC shooter. BF2 was until CoD4 came around, even then the game is still hugely popular.

    Happy New Year!