It seems as if the people still running Windows XP for gaming are slowly being phased out as more and more games are requiring DX10 at the base level, and it would seem as if Battlefield 3 will be no exception to that growing trend.

A rendering architect for DICE by the name of  Johan Andersson, tweeted earlier;

Frostbite 2 is primarily developed for DX11. XP & DX9 is _not_ supported, 64-bit OS is recommended. Lots of time to upgrade if you havent!

Of course the typical rage ensued, with people all over defending Windows XP and fighting for it’s relevance. One thing’s clear, DirectX 9 wont be supported forever. So if you haven’t yet, make the jump for Windows 7, it’s a great OS and DICE seems to agree.

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  1. I have a point and counter point. DX10 is more or less a cleaned up, re-coding of DX9. DX10 really brought nothing new or visibly better than DX9. For that point, I’d say Windows XP is still relevant. Last I checked on Steam, 25% of their users were still using XP. So there is a small market for XP. If we go by 64bit vs 32bit, then W7 and Vista 64bit hold 45%. For 32bit W7, Vista, and XP we have 49%. About 22% of Steam user’s GPU’s are DX9 compatible or older. I loved XP. Vista was horrible, and took a few service packs to even become bearable. Windows 7 really is a great OS.

    Here’s the counterpoint, Windows 7 is a great OS. W7 has never crashed on me, I had a bad cable once, but it was never the OS’s fault. I formatted my XP drive and put Ubuntu on it. It’s time to move on, this isn’t like when Doom 3 was dropped on the PC community, or Battlefield 2 or Crysis and only the “leet” rigs out there could run them well. Dice has given a taste of what the engine is capable of with Bad Company 2 and has given the community advanced notice to upgrade. Why not upgrade? Parts are extremely cheap these days if you do it yourself. The PC industry as a whole is a full generation past the PS3/Xbox360. With DX11 and the new NVidia and AMD cards, I’d say it’s getting closer to two generations. So, Battlefield 3 NEEDS to push the boundaries. The PC market is becoming stagnant. I full expect to have to get some more RAM and upgrade my CPU for BF3. More importantly, I want to. I want to see some innovation.

    Therefore, there could be a market for XP assuming the hardware on those XP rigs are capable. But, it’s time to grow. With out games like Quake, Half Life, Doom 3, or Crysis the market would stagnate. If Battlefield 3 doesn’t bring my four year old rig to it’s knees, I might have to rage quit gaming.