Who doesn’t love Angry Birds?  Exactly, everyone loves Angry Birds.  In fact, Gear4 has been so overwhelmed with requests for more Angry Birds iPhone cases – that they rolled them out just in time for the CES.

Behold the new cases!!

GEAR4 continues to dominate the Angry Birds accessories market with the addition of new GEAR4 Angry Birds hard cases for iPhone4 and iPod Touch. New designs featuring the Black (Bomb) Bird, Blue (Cluster Bomb) Bird, White (Bomb Drop) Bird and Boomerang Bird will be introduced for the iPhone 4 and iPod touch.

RipTen got to check out the new cases at Gear4’s posh Mandarin Oriental suite at the CES – and even got to throw around some Angry Birds plushies.  A good time was had by all – just like with Angry Birds.

The cases will be available soon from Gear4 – be sure to head on over to Gear4.com to check them out.

Viva la Angry birds!!