Anyone who has played a fighting game online has encountered this player of questionable moral standing. He (or she) employs a cheap tactic or has fallen into general suckage, and just as you are about to land the killing blow you are disconnected. The player hasn’t left because of a connection problem, but because the player, in the digital equivalent of throwing a tantrum, decided to quit the game; not only wasting your time, but robbing you of sweet, sweet victory.  Luckily for fans of “final justice” Capcom has promised to fix the problem.

The plan is simple, yet brilliant. Capcom has reportedly concocted a Matchmaking system that tracks character traits, such as skill level, experience, and connection quality. This system also monitors a player’s tendency to “rage-quit” during a game. The system will then match the player with other players who have that same fatal character flaw.

In a sense this is meant to confine the worst offenders in a perpetual hellfire of never being able to complete a match. Of course, the only way to get out of digital hell is to finish and win or lose gracefully, not once, but continually. Capcom is including a rolling system of ranking so that these reformed offenders will also have a chance at making the leaderboards.

I know I speak for all fighting game fans when I say, I sincerely hope this works.