The original Crysis was a behemoth of massive proportions, and not just for it’s graphical prowess. The physics engine was amazing, the gameplay was fresh, and Crytek would appear to be taking that to, wait for it, mobile platforms?

On a recent Develop job posting, the company has advertised that it’s looking for people experienced in making iOS applications, and they’re even more keen to find people who have products published on Apple’s iTunes App Store. Throughout the job opening Crytek refrains from mentioning video game development, however they do require a “Passion for video games.”

I think it’s worth pointing out that this could be an app related to Crysis 2 and perhaps it’s part of a viral campaign or mobile stat tracking program? What do you think? Let me know via Twitter – @DrjftGaming.

Source: [Develop via Joystiq]


  1. I’m with you Bryce – I don’t think it’s a game but more likely something game-related. Crysis mobile auction house!!