There have been plenty of Duke Nukem fan songs over the years – but none of them ever had that good ol’ down home American twang.  Well, a fellah by the name of James Gilmour (no relation to David I assume) has done just that.

“He’s the Duke” is an ode to man’s man. A man’s man’s man. Yeah – He’s the Duke.

Here’s the lowdown from James …

So, I wrote a song about this guy. You all know who he is. You do. Trust me.

No, not him. The other one.

No, not him either. The guy. With the face. And the gun. The face and the gun.

For God’s sake, go and ask your Dad. He’ll remember him. Your Dad thought he was great. He’ll be really excited, actually, because he’s coming back. The guy, that is, not your Dad. Your Dad’s where you left him. No, the guy’s coming back and I have been assured everyone is really rather excited.

Oh, forget it.


He’s The Duke <–Download and put it on your next playlist!! – file under Uneasy Listening.

Let’s see if we can get James the same well-deserved attention we got the guys who made that Duke Nukem fan film!!

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