Our friends in Germany will have to wait a little bit longer to take on the necromorphs in Dead Space 2, after issues with the ‘friendly fire’ option resulted in it being removed from the multiplayer portion of the game.

Apparently, the German government was uneasy with a player killing their own teammates and I’m sure a hefty majority of all players would enjoy a lack of ‘friendly fire’ in their titles. Thankfully, for fans, the single player portion of the title will remain unaltered. Unfortunately, this is going to set the release date back, and I guarantee that won’t make German fans very happy.

This is the press release from EA as translated by Google Translate (the full German version is here.)

“14:01:11 – Electronic Arts announced today that the shooter Dead Space 2 (PS3, Xbox 360) in the repeated test procedures on the Entertainment Software (USK), the classification” has received no Wii accordance with paragraph 14.

The game appears therefore at 03:02:11 on PS3 and Xbox 360 in German trading. The re-examination was necessary by the state of Bavaria strenuous appeal procedures. The age-contracted in December release of the PSP was not recognized by the state of Bavaria and made such a re-examination before the Wii appeal committee required.

The Committee Panel has now been confirmed in the final session, the former verdict of the PSP and thus paved the way for late Dead Space 2 in the trade. “We are pleased that the representatives of the state authorities have finally given the game marking it deserves in our opinion. Reason has prevailed, “said Olaf Coenen, managing director of Electronic Arts Germany.

“We will now fight it, the game in the Wii version as soon as possible, but unfortunately too late to bring just to the German market. However, the process has shown that the current process, the evaluators PSP for the fast current media reality has become impractical. ”

The single player campaign from Dead Space 2, according to Electronic Arts uncut and identical with the international version. Only the multiplayer mode has been changed subtly: Here in the German version is the function of the “Friendly Fire” disabled “.

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