The Nintendo 3DS Press Release that Nintendo sent out today is very interesting.  It reveals several facts that haven’t really been mentioned about the 3DS.

The 3DS will be able to play MP3 and AAC formats in the 3DS Sound software.  DSi and DSi XL could only play AAC formats so Nintendo is taking a step in the right direction.

The Nintendo eShop, which will feature Virtual Console Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, won’t be on the hardware at launch and will require a system update.  The 3DS’s Internet Browser will also not be available when the product launches and will require a system update.

The Nintendo eShop will use a cash based system instead of the point system that the Wii and DSi/DSi XL used.  Prepaid 3DS cards will be available at retail outlets.

Nintendo DSiWare transfers from DSi or DSi XL hardware to 3DS hardware won’t happen until sometime after the 3DS launches.

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  1. Just for the record, the price is $250 and I believe it can also play videos now. Combined with everything it has already, i’m more shocked their not asking for like $280 or $300.