Nintendo have completely avoided telling us the RRP of the 3DS in Europe, instead telling people to “refer to retailers”.

Satoru Shibata told excited Nintendo fans to find out the price by themselves, rather than do the decent thing and tell us the RRP of the unit. Although it’s hard to find prices just yet, UK retailer HMV has just set the price at £229.99, a stupidly high price compared to the $250 American RRP.

GAME aren’t sure yet: “We’re still working it out – it may not be announced until tomorrow,” said a GAME spokesperson.

Hopefully most retailers will keep it less than £200 in the UK, but we can’t be sure yet.


  1. Thank goodness retailers have remained competitive with prices and aren’t all sticking with prices of £230. Even Game has lowered its price from £230 to £220.