The Nintendogs + Cats demo displayed at the NYC 3DS announcement was quite limited.  Players were given the chance to pick between three pairs of dogs and cats.  Once picked, the player had the opportunity to pet the adorable animals, dress them with a variety of accessories, or play with them using toys.  This demo was in Japanese.

The animals behaved as one would expect and the 3D looked nice.  The coolest 3D visual effect I experienced came from playing with the boomerang toy.  Players could throw the toy out and watch as the dog would chase it.  If thrown hard enough it would come back to the user.

While Nintendogs + Cats may not seem like the most exciting title to most gamers, it will probably sell like hotcakes. You might not be it’s targeted demographic.  My girlfriend is excited and the previous Nintendogs  were smash hits.

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  1. I can’t wait! I have to get a job before I can get the 3DS… but now I’m even more determined! And when I do, this will be the first game I’ll buy! I can’t wait to get my very own 3D cat! =(^.^)=