On today’s episode of, “Tales of Our Post-Apocalyptic Lives” – Bethesda says Interplay has the rights to nothing.  Low and behold – Interplay isn’t having it.  Drama ensues.  Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn *cue dramatic music*

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People on both sides of the argument have been giving their two cents to various gaming outlets.  Of course, our good buddy Ausir who runs TheVault has compiled it all so guys like me can make sense of it all.  Here goes:

Eric Caen, Presidente of Interplay recently told Eurogamer that if the sale of the Fallout IP is terminated due to this whole legal mess – the Fallout franchise may end up coming back home to Interplay.  The original deal was for three Fallout games and DLC – meaning that the next game after New Vegas would technically be Bethesda’s last.  This obviously sparked some interest around the net – here is his full statement:

We sold the Fallout IP to Bethesda in exchange for a certain amount of cash and the right to do the Fallout MMO,” he said. “If they refuse to let us do the game, then the sale of the IP is terminated, and they will be allowed to do only one more Fallout, 5.

“But in that case, the IP will come back to us, and of course, we will complete our work and release the Fallout MMO.”

“The original licensing deal was for three games and their DLC,” Caen continued. “So they already did Fallout 3, then Fallout: New Vegas, and they can only do one more Fallout, 5, if the sale of the IP is cancelled by the court.

“We will love if we have to do Fallout 6 and sequels. But we will see what happens in court. It can be this year or later… We have the back-up of our shareholders to fund this fight.”

But does a Fallout MMO really even exist?  You bet your irradiated ass it does.  According to Caen:

“Since early 2009, we have a virtual Fallout world that exists and grows every day. We don’t want to release too many elements because of the litigation. We don’t know yet when we will reveal more. Sorry! “Our team, led by Chris Taylor and Mark O’Green [two of the creators of the original Fallout], loves Fallout and what we are putting together. We all hope we will be able to show you soon more of our work, and that you will like it.”

However  – VG247 also reached out to Bethesda’s Pete Hines for comment.  He had some interesting things to say:

“We own the rights to the MMO,” he said when asked if Caen’s comments were true.  He continued: “We own the rights to everything Fallout. The license is ours. Fallout belongs to us. That’s what I’ll clarify.

“Beyond that, I’m not commenting on anybody else’s comments. It’s a legal matter. A specific MMO or project or any of that stuff, the lawyers are all going to sort it out.”

Once again – to summize:  Bethesda says they own everything Fallout and Interplay is more or less entitled to make jack squat.  However – Interplay thinks they have a real case here and if the sale of the IP ends up being terminated they may end up with the Fallout franchise again sometime in the not so distant future.

Stay tuned as the drama continues on – “Days of Our Post-Apocalyptic Lives!!”