Did you sleep in all week?  Miss out on all the awesome Nintendo 3DS information that exploded onto the interwebs?  Well, fear not – We’ve rounded it all up for ya!

First thing Wednesday morning, our own KingNintendoFanboy, Justin Berube, was live on the scene in NYC for the 3DS preview event.  We did our best to keep up with all the details.

First off, we quickly learned the DATE and PRICE and of course the COLORS of the North American 3DS.

Then – we learned that the European version was in fact coming out a few days earlier and that retailers would actually decide the price. (Which looks to be a little more than in the US)

We then learned that Ubisoft would be brining no less than 8 titles to the 3DS this year – including Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Rayman.

Then we brought you some trailers and screens from Capcom’s upcoming 3DS games – Super Street Fighter IV 3D and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

Meanwhile – Justin was in NYC messing around with the 3DS itself and digging into the Parental Controls of the unit.

Up next were some screens from Ocarina of Time 3D – oooh, ahhh – it’s not coming out at the systems release. :-(

Then Justin was at it again – pouring over some new press information and discovering some interesting information.  Like the fact that the 3DS can finally play MP3’s now!

Before the KNF got his hands on some games – he was kind enough to take a video of the event itself.  It looked very . . . sterile?

Of course – then came the impressions – and there was quite a bit to be impressed with.  Check out all of the games and software that the KNF checked out:

Super Street Fighter (3Ds) Impressions

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries (3DS) Impressions

Target Shooting (3DS Built-In) Impressions

Face Raiders (3DS Built-In) Impressions

3DS Virtual Console Impressions

Ocarina of Time (3DS) Impressions

Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) Impressions

Nintendogs + Cats (3DS) Impressions

Steel Diver (3DS) Impressions

Pilotwings Resort (3DS) Impressions

Last but not least – We learned that Nintendo will be shipping 900,000 3DS Units to Europe and that they intend so sell at least five million by year end.

So, there you have it – everything we learned about the Nintendo 3DS this week from our hands on coverage.  If you still don’t know enough to decide if you want to purchase one – we really don’t know what else to tell you.

The 3DS will finally be available on March 27th – you can pre-order yours today!


  1. What about the Australian release and price? I’m guessing it will be something similar to Europe, but is there any confirmed information?

    Also the USD $249.99 price tag SHOULD mean about AUD $260 ish, but I bet Australia are going to see the unit retail for about AUD $399.

    Why on Earth that is, who knows, but its annoying, might buy a 3DS from the US depending on region locking etc, the price hike for Australia is insane.

  2. There is no way the 3DS will be a day one purchase for me. How can I trust Nintendo not to release a newer improved 3DS by Christmas or early 2012. Besides, I’m going to see what Sony have up their sleeves before I make any decisions.
    The fact that I still have to use a stylus for the bottom screen bugs me, why didn’t they go with a iPhone-style touch-screen?