Oh-No-San!  It looks as if even Street Fighter producer and Blanka-phile Yoshinori Ono can’t get his hands on a coveted Nintendo 3DS!!

Seriously?  Capcom can’t get him one?  The hell sort of world are we living in!?

According to Andriasang: Ono-san was at the 3DS launch event in Europe when pre-orders started back in Japan.  Unfortunately, that means he missed his chance to place his!

He then Tweeted this:

Loosely translated – that says something like: “Oh, what misfortune – I may have to line up on launch day!”

The only thing that could make this worse for Ono is if Tekken producer and arch nemesis Katsuhiro Harada got a 3DS first and rubbed it in his face.  #Bwahaha