A glorious day comrades!!  The final box art has been chosen for the Russian retail version of Super Meat Boy!!

And here it is!!

According to Team Meat:

Congrats to MaadArtist for winning 1st prize in the “please make the Russian cover box for super meat boy so I don’t have to” contest! This winning image will become the cover of the printed version of Super Meat Boy in Russia!

We got over 166 submissions, some of you even submitted the covers of SMB comics I drew…
But yeah, the majority were quite awesome. I’m going to post a few runners up, but ill put the best of the whole collection on the upcoming limited editon cd that should release end of feb. early march.

Check out some of the runners up:

Apparently the inspiration for the box art was this WW2 propaganda poster.  It’s cool for me to post this because they were on our side – remember?