Despite Nintendo’s big 3DS information blowout last week, there are still many important unanswered questions about the device.  If any of our readers know answers to any of these questions please let me know and I’ll remove them from the list!  Additionally, if you have a few good questions – I might put them on this list!


Do saved game files get saved to the game card or SD card?

Will save game data be put on the SD card only for Street/Spot Pass?

What is the official launch lineup?

Backward Compatibility

When playing regular DS games on the 3DS, will players be able to use the Circle Pad instead of the D-Pad?

Will Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSi XL owners be able to transfer their wireless settings over to the 3DS as to not interrupt their Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection information that views the game card and DS as a set?

Virtual Console

Why are Virtual Console games visually blurry on the 3DS?

If and when multiplayer Virtual Console games are released, will 3DS owners be able to play them wirelessly with one another?

What will the price point for Virtual Console games on 3DS be?

Will other non-Nintendo portable platforms be supported in the future?

Why won’t Nintendo allow Virtual Console players to use the B/Y buttons as the Game Boy’s A/B buttons respectively?  Nintendo allowed this option on Super Game Boy and I personally feel it’s more comfortable.


How will DSiWare transfers from Nintendo DSi and DSi XL to the 3DS work?

What will be the limit to the number of time DSiWare titles can be transferred?

What DSiWare titles are restricted from being transferred to the 3DS and why?

Will players transferring their DSiWare games lose their save game information?


Is 3DSWare going to be the official name of the download service for new downloadable Nintendo 3DS titles?

Will there be any 3DSWare titles available at launch?  If so, what will they be?

What is the file size limit for 3DSWare titles?


How is Nintendo planning on sending out movies and other video related content on the 3DS?

Internet Browser

Will the Nintendo 3DS’s Internet Browser support Flash?

How much faster will the Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser be over the version found on the Nintendo DSi/DSi XL?

So there you have it.  Many important unanswered questions about the Nintendo 3DS.  I personally asked Nintendo reps at the Nintendo 3DS media briefing some of these questions last week.  The response was mostly along the lines of, “More information is coming soon”, or, “We really don’t know”.

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  1. Some interesting questions. I would assume that save game data would be saved to the game card. With street pass you would think save game data should be on an SD card, as you don’t have to have a game card in the card slot to use street pass with any game, but I really don’t know.

  2. This close to release and they say “More information is coming soon”, or, “We really don’t know” That is a load of CRAP NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!

    250 doe the 3ds plus 40 to 50 dollar games that look about as good as the 5 year old PSP!

    I will pass until the price is lowered or I can pick one up second hand at a reasonable price.

  3. When playing regular DS/DSi/DSiXL Games on the 3DS you will NOT be able to move the camera with the Joystick control. Only the new ones that are for the 3DS and say that you can.

  4. who cares about flash? or more importantly who cares about web browsing on the device? What nintendo should do is open the device for development, apps, etc.

      • browsing the web on any gaming device so far is wack! unusable! slow! an countless other things that are just wrong. it sucks on the wii, ps3, not sure about he xbox360.

        the only thing i look forward to on the n3DS is its game library, especially those from nintendo.