You need to take a Nuka Break!  So do the characters in this long awaited Fallout fan film.  It’s a light hearted look at life in the wasteland that Fallout fans should not miss.

Follow the adventures of the cute slave chick, snarky ghoul and chubby vault dweller (Who totally looks like Kreyg from HBG) as they make thier way across the wastes in search of Nuka Cola and it’s 23 delicious flavors.  Oh, that’s Dr. Pepper?  Whatever, just watch:

Twig (Zack Finfrock), a former Vault 10 Dweller, as he searches the barren wasteland of eastern California for ice-cold Nuka Cola. Along for the ride is Ben (Aaron Giles), a radiation-ravaged ghoul, and Scarlett (Tybee Diskin), a sexy former slave. Together, the three attempt to survive both the harsh wastes and a relentless group of bounty hunters while trying to find the coveted beverage — Nuka Cola.

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Starring Zack Finfrock, Tybee Diskin, Aaron Giles, Vic Mignogna, Michele Specht, Kevin Brooks and Robert Thorne

Executive Produced by Melanie Wagor

Directed by Julian Higgins & Zack Finfrock

Written by Brian Clevinger (

Story by Zack Finfrock (

Cinematography, VFX and Coloring by Aaron Scott Moorhead (

Production Design by Janessa Salcedo

Makeup/SFX Makeup by Branwyne & Melanie DeForrest

Edited by Vincent Talenti and Julian Higgins (

Original Music by Dan Martinez (

Produced by Melanie Wagor & Zack Finfrock

Laser Rifle built by Devin Harrigan (

**Fallout: Nuka Break is a non-profit fan film made by Fallout fans. Please don’t sue us. We don’t have any money. Really, like none. On a side note, Fallout: New Vegas is out. Check it out!
Fallout and all related things are TM and © Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.

Yep, good stuff.  I will now wait for Bethesda to sue them.