Call of Duty is a massive franchise, and that goes without saying… Wait, I said it anyway.  The series boasts eight games, millions of hours of gameplay, and arguably some of the greatest multiplayer maps in the history of first-person shooters.  RipTen’s own Bryce Wilson has taken on the difficult task of sorting through all of them and choosing what he believes to be the ten best maps in gaming’s best selling franchise.  Enjoy!

The following maps are stock maps that shipped with the Call of Duty series. Many a gamer has fragged, tagged and died a thousand deaths on the maps below, and we’re sure they will get you thinking about your personal favorites, so make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Like many of the Call of Duty 2 maps, Toujane is a maze of tight winding corridors and buildings, that didn’t always work to the players advantage.  The many accessible rooftops and hidden alleyways made ambush opportunities all too common for the better teams, whilst those who weren’t so alert were bound to perish in the unforgiving narrow paths.

Toujane was perfect for Capture the Flag and objective based gametypes as both the British and German players scrambled for the higher ground to lock the map down.

Cliffside was exactly that – set on the side of a cliff high above razor sharp rocks and coral. This primarily bushy map was the scene of many an incredibly close objective based game. Players could go along the left hand side and fight it out through the rocks, down the right hand side and battle for supremacy with low visibility in the bushes or play Russian Roulette and try and dash up the middle to catch the enemy unawares.

World at War played host to a number of high quality maps for both casual and competitive gameplay including Hangar, Asylum and Upheaval. Check out some amazing high level competitive gameplay featuring ‘x space x’ courtesy of CyberGamer Australia right here.

Grid takes place on a Russian power station located near Pripyat, home of the “Ghillies in the Mist” and “One Shot, One Kill” missions from CoD4: Modern Warfare. Filled with a number of hangers and buildings, Grid is perfect for tactical stealth gameplay that favors the co-operative teams. With a primarily snow based field of terrain, Grid is perfect for snipers to hang around on the outskirts eliminating anyone careless enough to leave the safety of the two large office buildings.

Check out some great footage from Hutch as he proceeds to destroy everyone on his path to a 51-4 K/D by clicking right here.

Eder Dam is one of, if not the most popular map in Call of Duty 3. Situated around a bombed out WW2 dam, Eder Dam allowed players to mount jeeps and .50 cal machine guns on the back opening up a whole host of strategic options for players that worked as a team. The main center of action however was a partially destroyed bridge that allowed players to fight both in and on top of the focal point of the map. Long lines of sight and wide open areas made Eder Dam a haven for sniper rifles and semi-automatic weapons.

For any of those people who didn’t get a chance to play Call of Duty 3, here’s some gameplay to let you know what Eder Dam was like back in the day…

During the development of Modern Warfare 2, Terminal was the one map I was actually beyond excited to play. A plane you could have shootouts in was like something from a movie, and something I’d always wanted to see in a game, and now Infinity Ward was doing it!

Set in the same environment as the infamous ‘No Russian’ level, Terminal featured a primarily indoors and up close and personal experience that not only allowed players to shoot it out, but also throw grenades across the map thanks to many of the rooms having a roof constructed of glass. This worked against both teams though as air-support could easily reign down death from the sky.  Add in a few tricky hiding spots around the airplane itself and you’ve got one of the most hectic maps in CoD history.

Summit was one of the first maps shown during the development cycle for Call of Duty: Black Ops and it may be the finest map in the game. Just like Cliffside in World at War, Sumit takes place at a high altitude serviceable only via a cable car (That you can also hide in!)

Summit takes place in the single player campaign level ‘WMD’, and the environment of this map is much the same as the campaign level. Most of the action takes place in the above pictured computer room however and sometimes the spawns will focus the combat outside around the helipad. Summit is a great level for Domination and makes for some very tense games of Capture the Flag.

Not many of the Modern Warfare 2 maps really stood out in terms of quality and gameplay.  However, Skidrow certainly did.  Set in an urban environment filled with tight combat opportunities, Skidrow primarily suited assault rifles and sub machine-guns however many players made good use of sniper rifles down the main hallway and tunnel on the right hand side.  Many a claymore has been stepped on in the hallways of those burned out apartments and you’d be less than wise to venture out into the open courtyard pictured above.

Skidrow was also the home to many high intensity competitive matches with the defending team always fighting hard to keep the attackers out of the buildings. Check out some Machinima gameplay on Skidrow courtesy of Junkyard129 right here, it’s not the best – but his commentary is great.

They say nothing is perfect, but then maybe not everyone has played Backlot. Featuring a half finished building and short lines of sight, Backlot was the ultimate test to gamers when it came to reaction time and skill. A number of grenade spots allowed those talented enough to throw balls of death across the map, whilst  bombsites in perfect places made defending and defusing the bomb the ultimate adrenaline rush when it came to Search and Destroy.

Alongside Crash from the same game, Backlot remains one of the most popular maps in Call of Duty 4 and possibly the whole series.

Based upon a real town located in Normandy, Carentan was a major objective of the WWII Normandy landings.  Featured in Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 as Chinatown (reskinned), Carentan is a veteran map of the series. Featuring long lines of sight for rifle firefights, intense house to house combat that accommodated sub-machine gun and shotgun gameplay – Carentan really had something for every type of player.

Carentan also went on to be featured in the popular US TV series “The Office”.  Check out the clip of it here.

So much is right about Crash, and there’s very little wrong with it.  The downed US helicopter sets the scene for hectic firefights from building to building, while the three-story tower becomes pivotal for locking down movement from a  number of angles and positions. A number of ‘wallbang’ spots allowed players to shoot the enemy off the spawn through the blue building, essentially forcing everyone into the left corridor of death where snipers would get you anyway.

The key to survival? Keep your eyes open and your trigger finger itchy.  Crash is also featured in another map based editorial on RipTen where it took a spot in our Top 10 FPS Multiplayer Maps of All Time.

Well, that’s it for RipTen’s Ten Best Call of Duty maps.  Did you see some of your favorites?  We bet you did.  However, you might disagree!


  1. Eww, two blackops maps? Really?

    Makin Day or Night is my favourite map of the whole series, it’s those crazy rickety walkways that did it for me.

  2. MW2 is my first COD and I love it, but I always felt the maps were kinda dull somehow-I agree with the list here, Skidrow, Terminal are my favs along with Quarry(for some reason). MW4 I just got yesterday, and I like its maps better. I wish MW2 came with a nighttime map, I know one is in the pack

  3. You definitely needed some more CoD1 and UO maps and less MW2 and BO maps. Where’s Dawnville? Pavlov? Brecourt? Stalingrad? So many great maps from CoD that easily beat out the dull forced-bottleneck ones of MW2 and BO.