For any of you people lucky enough to be included in the Battlefield Play4Free Beta, you will be happy to know that EA is unlocking a new map called “Oman” this Saturday for 24 hours of gameplay.

The new map is set to include tanks, fighter jets, choppers and more as opposed to the tanks, APC’s and jeeps that the current map allows you access too. Teamwork will be crucial in order to win with the press release saying;

Every vehicle class, from land to water to air will be needed to give your team the decisive edge in battle and support the infantry on the ground.

If you weren’t able to get into the closed beta, well RipTen is here to save the day…

We have 5 keys to give away that will allow you access to the beta for as long as it runs. Want one? Leave us a comment below telling us your favorite Battlefield game. First in best dressed so make sure to do it quick. Also, please use your proper email though so we can send you your code.

Are you excited about the new map? Let us know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter – @DrjftGaming.


  1. BFBC2 def has the most variety, and has kept up with the trend of newwer video games in the best way possible, but i still like the good old bf2. can’t beat karkand in any of the new games.

  2. I would have to say Bad Company 2. BF1 & 2 were great but I never got to play it anywhere near as much as BC2 which was easily the best fps out last year :)

  3. 2500+ hours of my life went into BF2 with the latter 1500 going into Infantry Only. At one point I had the highest SPM in the Vatican and the highest KDR in Iraq :D Cannot wait until BF3!!!