Before the PlayStation Meeting today, Sony was expected to possibly make two large announcements concerning the PlayStation Phone and the NGP (PSP2). Surprisingly, what many people thought was going to be an announcement of an upcoming phone turned out to be Playstation Suite instead. In fact, Sony didn’t even make a passing mention of the phone and even though it does exist they tried to ignore that little tidbit and focus on the NGP instead.

Perhaps Sony did not want the phone, known tentatively as the Xperia Play, to overshadow the company’s newest attempt to dethrone the DS as the king of handhelds. Perhaps the answer is simply that, it’s not ready. The phone isn’t set to make its debut until the Mobile World Congress in February, but it just seems silly to wait around when everyone already already knows everything about it.

Sony, just announce the damn phone already.


    • That comment made my day Dave, now I’m going to pull my Nomad out of storage, put in the thermonuclear core and fire up some Kid Chameleon.