Fans of the eternally popular BF2 engine-Mod ‘Project Reality’ know well the thrilling slow-burn from this exacting and immersive simulator. Eschewing an ArmA 2 sense of scale, PR (as it is known to fans) delivers an authentic military experience where teamwork isn’t just encouraged, it’s hard-coded.  An outside party has given the PR Dev Team instructions on how to get around the player slot limitations of the now aging BF2 engine in return for help with testing the premise. The rabidly active community has rallied and have so far been able to pull a full 128 players, demonstrating the capability of the theoretical workaround.

In a time when CEOs of major gaming houses freely talk about exploiting the p(l)aying public through downloadable ‘content’ as well as protecting their profitability through server controls, it’s refreshing to see the modding community continuing to add value to old favourites.

Project Reality is a free download for owners of Battlefield 2.

[Source: RealityMod and GoN]


  1. About time…. I would love to see 64 v 64 matchs in bf2, might accualy bring me back ;)

    maybe ever 128 v 128?

  2. Actually, they’ve tested that and have been able to get 128 v 128! Wasn’t particularly stable but work is in progress.

      • I was taliban on small inf skirmish map, & 250 of us on mumble shouting ally akbar while shooting our aks into the air ,EPIC ! we also trew our 500 nades at the same time at the start & won the round quickly :)