Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, had a few things to say when asked about Sony’s NGP (PSP2).  Iwata apparently said the following about the NGP:

“They’re trying to appeal to customers from a different direction than us. The customers will decide which is correct.”

When Iwata was questioned about what Nintendo would do to combat the NGP he replied:

“Nintendo is not the kind of company that thinks about how we oppose other company’s product.”

Satoru Iwata also said something that would make any investor and Nintendo Fanboy proud.  Iwata was asked if Nintendo plans to offer original content on non-Nintendo platforms and he responded by saying:

“So long as I am CEO, it definitely will not happen.”

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  1. Why should you trade a 3Ds with a psp2. Psp2 has only a little bit better gfx. It doesnt have 3D or an sd card slot. Is not backwards compatible and doesnt ahve AR 3D. Also 3ds is made for hardcore gamers. While sony says they wanne reach the casual people with psp.
    The line up for 3Ds is much better also. If you check ds vs psp sales you know. At the other hand is psp2 not backwards compatible, but 3Ds is.

  2. Dude its his money he can buy wut he wants. Not everyone is interested in the 3d gimmick and b4 u say u can turn it off…doesnt that defeat the purpose of the machine? I mean the 3d is the main draw to it. It does have a good line up but psp2 also has the support of 82 3rd party developers so dont just assume its gonna be ds vs psp all over again until u see the sales numbers and remember psp2 is out the end of this year….3ds is out in march. Everyone has diff tastes in gaming. I personally will be more interested in psp2 bcuz well…its more than likely it’ll have all the core games the 3ds will but with a better control scheme. Dual analogs ftw! lol

    • 3D isn’t the only draw, it’s just one of the functions. Improved graphical power, better online capabilities, StreetPass, SpotPass, Augmented Reality, eShop, motion controls, etc. are all other parts of the 3DS.

      Am I excited about the 3D? Yes, but there are a lot of other features that have me just as excited.

  3. u have interesting points but I dont see anything u listed that the ngp doesnt have or do better…not flaming or trolling jus making a statement. The tech they crammed into the ngp is amazing. If they dont srew it up with the price they could actually challenge nintendo saleswise. I havent had a portable since gameboy advance ds was too gimmicky for my tastes and I lost interest when they removed the backwards compatability with gba. Psp didnt have any real blockbusters this gen. Guess we gotta wait and see either way.