In today’s installment of, “Hey, look what somebody did with Minecraft!”  We have a coupe of videos of the first level of Amnesia: The Dark Descent – remade Minecraft style

The creator of this first video is GamerDuality, and he had this to say:

Wondering how long this took me? I didn’t time it, but I believe about 20 hours. If I didn’t have to mine all that shit, the time would’ve been lessened considerably. More than halved, probably. I had to level half a hill, mine copious amounts of cobblestone, cut down dozens of trees, and punch many a sheep and pick many a rose to complete this.

I did it that way to squeeze some more fun outta the game. Building whatever you please is fun and all, but I got tired of building skyscrapers and tunnels… and I have no personal creativity of my own. =D

Yes, this is the first thing I’ve ever tried to replicate. I’m currently fooling around with the next few rooms in Amnesia – learning as I go. Trial by fire as they say.

Be sure to check out the RipTen Review of the actual Amnesia: The Dark Descent,  It’s way more scary.

Not to be outdone – another Minecrafter 69KBCat created Minesia: The Deep Descent – a recreation that uses actual sound effects from Amnesia.

I took on the challenge of recreating the whole Brennenburg castle in Minecraft. This is the begining of Amnesia up to the entrance hall.

These guys have way too much time on their hands . . .