Ever wanted to know what the most used gun in Black Ops is? Maybe you’d like to know the top three perks that players use? Well now we have all the answers in a new Infographic just released by Treyarch. Check out the infographic here, however if you want to be spared loading the image, read on to see the numbers Mason!

Top three Guns:

  • 1: Famas
  • 2: AK74u
  • 3: Galil

Top three Perks:

  • Marathon
  • Slight of Hand
  • Lightweight

Random Facts:

  • 3.4 Billion Crossbow Bolts fired
  • Players ran around the Earth 129,069 times
  • 28,494,020 Tomahawk Bank shots
  • 1,273,209,731 Aircraft downed
  • 994,665,956 Cars Destroyed
  • 5,124,592,368 Headshots
  • 242,316,815 Players Skewered
  • 591,779,577 Executions
  • 10,059,041,802 Paybacks
  • 7,127,942,471 Contract CoD points
  • RC-XD is the deadliest killstreak, with Valkyries being the least deadliest.

Since the game launched, 161 World War’s were fought everyday with over 1.1 Trillion shots fired. The kill count to date is equal to the population of the world x9. Since it’s release Black Ops players have fallen the height of Mount Everest 5,671,102 times, winning Wager matches of over 147 Billion CoD points and all of this was argued, bragged and laughed over about on over 43 Million user generated videos.

I myself knew the FAMAS would be in the top spot, but the Galil being in the top three seriously surprised me. Does any statistic stand out to you? Let us know, or tell me directly via Twitter – @iamaaronalex.


    • I do not know how you Knew the Famas would be on top. The AK-74u is way more popular on the PS3 anyway. My personal deaths are three to one Ak-74u to FAMAS.

      My favorite gun is the Galil and its nice to see it break top three.

      • I play on the PlayStation 3, and i personally see more FAMAS then i do AK74u. Played about 6 games last night, and every single final kill-cam was a FAMAS.