Another week, another episode of your favorite podcast about video games and weird accents. We’re taking it back old school, as we record a strictly Oceanic podcast with no American oppressors to bring us down!

The discussion this week includes back alley deals regarding Mortal Kombat, Sony finally banning hackers on Call of Duty: Black Ops, EA pimping The Sims 3 on Steam and our thoughts on the upcoming PSP Successor, the NGP. So stand at attention and get ready to hear a goddamn podcast about video games!

Thanks once again to all our awesome podcast fans and the community who have been sharing the links to our show. We love you!

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Meet the Crew:

Bryce Wilson: Facebook – Twitter: @DrjftGaming.
Aaron Alexander: Facebook – Twitter: @iamaaronalex.
Shaun Hammond: Facebook – Twitter: @iisshaunhammond.

RipTen Radio Down Under – Episode 12
60 Minutes – 55MB


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