Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Oh, I didn’t warn you?  Whatever! Anyway, it seems as if the surprisingly great sequel to the abysmal RPG Two Worlds is the only thing that can satisfy the needs of hungry role players this January as publisher South Peak Games is racing to meet the demands of retailers who are selling out of Two Worlds II across the US.

According to South Peak, several retail chains across the US are already asking to be restocked due to lack of inventory and one specific chain was sold out of 50% of their Xbox360 stock on launch day.  Xbox 360 also seems to be the platform of choice thus far according to SP internal reports.

After doing a little digging of our own, RipTen was able to find several Best Buy and GameStop locations that were out of Two Worlds II completely.

Unfortunately retailers did not anticipate the demand and the Texas based publisher is currently racing to produce enough copies to satisfy both bloodthirsty retailers and gamers across the country.

As usual, South Peak’s own Aubrey Norris, a.k.a “The Crazy Sexy Cat Lady of Video Game PR” has been working like mad to make sure this situation gets handled before Sordahon starts killing people.

Want to know what all the fuss is about?  Check out the RipTen review of Two Worlds II – then try to find yourself a copy … it might be harder than you think.