If you’re on the move a lot with your Xbox 360 it’s bound to take some falls, some knocks and ultimately to get roughed up a bit. Well Calibur11, a company comprising of a number of veterans from the videogame and entertainment market, are set to release a new bunch of Xbox 360 shells that will allow you to blow everyone away when you turn on your console.

The Calibur11 case mods not only look cool and ensure the safety of your precious console, but they also don’t void warranty so you can rest assured knowing that your console is in the safest of hands. With support of Epic Games,MLG, Tritton USA and Astro too, the Calibur11 products are set to become a well known deal on the gaming scene. Check out the MLG inspired case in our header, and the base shell below.

The base vaults will retail for $59.95 USD and release in April of 2011. What do you think about these new case mods? Will you pick one up in April? Let us know in the comments below or tell me directly via Twitter – @DrjftGaming.


  1. That first picture looks like the console is wearing a baseball cap.

    I still have the old model elite. I’m not upgrading anytime soon.