Whoops!  It looks as if the KB has made a big mistake.   When an angry gamer tweeted a PS3 jailbreak code at Sony’s VP of everything . . .

The man himself mistook it for a Battleship reference of all things and retweeted it!!

The Twitter user @Exiva could not stop laughing and word has quickly spread as Sony has since deleted the tweet. Travis obviously screen capped it however.

When asked why he did it?:

Exiva then had this to say after seeing the KB retweet:

You want to know the strangest part of this whole thing?:

Meanwhile . . .

You can stand up to the corporate establishment and try to stick it to the man all you want Travis – but nobody, and I mean nobody, messes with the KB!!  Expect swift retribution – Butler style!!



  1. I reckon he’d be fair shitting himself right now. As awesome as this is to watch, we can all see how hard Sony are pushing to get their virginity back and he’s just made a big fat example of himself.

    Funniest fucking own-goal I’ve ever seen!

  2. When I was 46, I flew to DC for an interview with EA. I flew on a D3 with only 17 passengers aboard. I was anemic and luckily, the guy in the seat next to me had some FE tablets. Two years earlier, at age 45, I’d had a similar problem while flying a D8. That was on 09/23, the day I started reading EB White, a man who lived to be 97. I grew bored, and shouted out, “E4 95 64 10 D4 CD B2 C2,” for no reason whatsoever.

    • So, you’re from the future . . .?

      By the way – this is the most clever post on here. So I’m going to leave it up \m/_((><))

  3. Yeah if I were you guys at ripten I’d delete those comments with the key reposted.. I don’t want to see you guys getting any unnecessary heat just because some douchebags think they’re safe behind their computer screen. I swear to God these imbeciles are getting so arrogant these days just because of that lack of inhibition people get while sitting in front of a keyboard and PC monitor, thinking their digital acts have no implications of repercussions. When they screw over honest and faithful gamers like me, guess what? THEY DO.

  4. Fuck hackers, simple as that. You epeen inflating jack asses are ruining things for the rest of us who can actually afford to pay for our things.