Last week RipTen was lucky enough to receive a handful of codes for Arrowhead Game Studios brand new title Magicka – and now we announce the winners of those codes…

We had over forty entries and it made choosing only five extremely difficult, however I think even the people who miss out will be able to have a laugh about the winners who we’ve selected. For the people who we selected as winners (Below), make sure to check your email account for your Steam code. We will also provide details on how you can redeem the code if you’re unsure of how to go about doing so.

The Winners:

Ringu Pingu:

“Summon Penguin Army”! Ice, Cold, Ice, Water, Life.

Image I made (photoshopped, that is, I did not make any of it) to show off this spells awesome power. (Image below)


Spell called angry beans. You self cast it and your character farts. The area with the fart is lethal to enemies and friends alike. Especially to friends.

Cem Temeltas:

Maybe a spell that would conjure cacao, milk and hazelnuts. With enough heat and magic, you could make Nutella with it. Well, since you have Nutella, what else would matter in the world? Right?

Gordorix Ten:

I propose a spell with the unspeakable power of turning any situation into a Musical, converting every attempted movement into dance and every dramatic action into song.

Imagine, those goblins you were fighting for dear life, now shooting at you with rhythm and mojo, singing their folk rhymes in choir as they try their best at murdering you.

Well there you go folks, there’s your winners… Oh, what’s that? We only selected four? Well here’s the fifth winner below, because it was just too priceless to leave out!


A spell that automatically wins me any giveaway, regardless of the magnitude of the award and the conditions for its achievement.

I’ve cast it just now.

A big thanks goes out to each and every one of our entrants and we hope you will stick around RipTen for more Reviews, Interviews, Previews, Trailer Events, News and Competitions!


  1. Many thanks, RipTen, for blessing me with the gift of Magicka!
    Note that you will be directly responsible for the countless hours of fun I will get playing this :)

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for choosing my contribution! I can only hope the next step is that “Summon Penguin Army” can become an actual spell in the game.

    Once again, thank you!