You’re never too young to start gaming – or at least that’s idea behind KneeBouncers.  This edutainment based website lets babies play games by literally facerolling and mashing your keyboard.

It was started by two dads, and this is what they had to say:

KneeBouncers was created for the ittiest of the bittiest. Our goal is to provide you and your family with a whole lot of thumping, bumping, crashing, bashing, smashing, splashing, popping, bopping, wiggling and especially giggling.

Big, bright, colorful fun games for babies and toddlers and everyone else. No computer experience necessary.

Now, these games are not really games per se – more like interactive flash movies that move along as you press ANY key.  So as long as the babies mash buttons, they will see more fun things appear on the screen and win.  It’s just like MvC3!!

Truth be told – It actually reminds me of one of the greatest RPG’s ever made <–Seriously, play this.

Now, while I am all for getting children involved with gaming and learning at a young age – I’m not exactly sure I want my infant mashing on my keyboard.  I mean – this thing ain’t cheap.  Furthermore , perhaps this is only helping to breed a new generation of gaming super trolls.  I mean that baby above looks like a typical happy (and downright adorable) toddler – but look at this kid below.  That’s a future 4Chan /v/ user if I ever saw one . . .


Anyhow – the games and premise are nothing short of adorable and entertaining so grab your kids and head on over to Kneebouncers.com for more fun with the any key.  Where is the any key anyhow . . .