I always felt that Scholar Viscari was misunderstood.  Sure he was the founder of the Helghan Empire, ruler of the Helghast and enemy #1 of the Killzone series.  Often compared to Hilter unfairly, he was seen as a delusional, ambitious and violent warlord, uniting Helghan through charisma.  He ruled Helghan with an iron fist and terrorized Vekta.

But how bad can the man be, I mean he sent out Valentine’s Day Cards this year?  While Ripten didn’t make his Valentine’s Day list (It’s Ok Guerrilla Games, but don’t forget us next year) our friends at PlayStation LifeStyle recieved Viscari’s package of love.

To my surprise, I was greeted by a delivery man this fine morning of February the 14th. A very special someone was asking me to be their Valentine. A little gift of Killzone 3 chocolate bars sweetened the thoughtful gesture, but the picture of himself was what really got me blushing…

Check out the gift below.

Read more about it here.