Today has been an interesting day for TopWare interactive.  Amidst claims that they’ve criticized and blacklisted media outlets about Two Worlds II reviews, it seems they’ve also confirmed Two Worlds 3.  Not only that, but they say the game is coming in 2012!

The story was first reported on – which had received reports that TopWare had come down on certain media outlets for “misrepresenting” Two Worlds II and giving the game poor reviews.  When they reached out to TopWare – part of the response they got was as follows:

You Don't Say . . .

So, it seems there is a next installment of Two Worlds already in the works!!  But it didn’t end there.  Destructoid’s Jim Sterling soon picked up the story and TopWare Managing Director James Seaman quickly took to the comments section to defend his company.  That’s right – the managing director of TopWare defended his company via the comments section of a gaming blog . . .

Anyhow – here is some of what was said:


So not only is this James Seaman running around telling gaming blogs what’s what- but he’s also inadvertently letting the world know that the next installment of Two Worlds is coming in 2012!!

We loved Two Worlds II, so here’s to hoping Two Worlds III is even better . . . and TopWare gets their PR under control.

Stay tuned to RipTen as this drama continues.  I assure you – this story is not even close to over.


  1. Meh i found TWII a utter disapointment, sure the gfx and physics are nice but all the feel of TW1 is gone, feels like it has been dumbed down for console or rather it has been like everything these days it’s so damn liner even with its massive world i would have loved it to have been just like TW1 with the gfx/physic upgrade oh well what do you expect i guess console rules the world these day’s looks like pc gaming is in it’s death throws.

    Basicly i don’t expect any different for TWIII.

    • No its not, Ill keep this in mind for when I become a designer. Don’t give up hope yet. Don’t give up hope for two worlds 3 either you never know if there going to make this game huge! Have some patience there working hard on a game to try and please everyone. 

    • what do you mean? i personally enjoyed TWII, it fixed most of its problems, my only complaint is the uncommon drop in frame rate at points and the annoying horse and boat controls. maybe some new sounds since the sword attacks kinda seemed repetitive but not annoying

    • what do you mean? i personally enjoyed TWII, it fixed most of its problems, my only complaint is the uncommon drop in frame rate at points and the annoying horse and boat controls. maybe some new sounds since the sword attacks kinda seemed repetitive but not annoying

  2. Im in the UK and they have just delayed TW2 again! … They cant release the second one properly and they are already talking about a third!!

  3. I could really care less what anyone says. If you can get past MINOR issues in the game its actually pretty good. I think im the only person that likes both games and cant wait for the third to come out. Just keep up the good work James I’m sure the third one will be just as good as all the others. What other game lets you sail the ocean? ( you should involve some fishing in the 3rd one you know as a job or something or you can sell the fish or eat them). The has a good story line and its fun to explore the different regions.

  4. I had actually enjoyed Two Worlds I quite a lot; and was completely bowled over by complete disassociation between the linear(main quest) game play and exploring the world in my own right. The best part was of course the weapon stacking  which let you beat the crap out of any enemy; I remember using the bow with Multi-Arrow, Overdraw and Fast(Quick?)draw maxed out. Such satisfaction and glee in bringing down towering monsters in just one shot !

    This made me buy a copy of Two Worlds 2 as soon it was available in Steam ; I was a little disappointed in the almost empty open world(how many ants am I going to enjoy killing ?) and a linear story which was all too easy once again using the archer’s skills I had learnt in Two Worlds I.

    Most of all, to give these two games a sense of continuity /completeness, I wish creatures would reappear in some time ,may be more dangerous ones once we clear out areas. Also , some repetitive quests( clear out xyz dungeon /area of all creatures, fetch us such and such unique item) from the wizards guild or the warriors guilds may provide some continuity to the game. May be even have quests involving a combined orc / those-jackal-face monsters raid and siege on  one or more of the major cities; it would be nice to have scores(hundreds?) of allies and foes clash in epic battles. One could be the hero in fortifying building defenses, building choke – points, hiring mercenaries, equipping them , ditto for wizards with both healing and destructive powers .. sigh, the wish list does go on and on.

    Two Worlds is a franchise with tremendous potential , I am looking forward to the next installment already.


  5. What was the difference though with Two worlds 1 and 2??? i thought they were almost alike!!! mostly the only thing i hated about it was that they give u a huge island in TW2 and the only places u can go is the swamp the corrupted area and the ruins and yet there is still a huge mass of the island left to explore and the game doesn’t even let u explore the other areas of the island!!! another problem i had was the armor, it looks alot like the kind from TW1. i just hope im not spending my money on a game i seem to have already played but with a different story line! i even had to use a cheat to get the Orphan sword which it shows ur character holding on the cover of the game case!!! why did i have to use a cheat to get a sword that was supposed to be mine to obtain not the evil dude with the funny high pitched voice!
    If there is one thing i know about gaming to to keep the story line very long like FF13
    and the have a long list of weapons and armor, also why not add the ability to kill people someone is bound to die by a spell or accidently slashing ur sword out and hitting someone!
    i also dont understand how in the end after making evil choices u dont become emperor!
    we honestly need someone with more realilistic ideas and experience with games to make Rpg games like Two worlds even better!
    Note to James Semen: If u want to sell more that “2 million” copies of Ur game series u should play some of Elder scrolls and Final fantasy and Dragon age! and maybe ask for some advice on how to make more than billions of dollars on games! 50$ x 2 million copies is a lot of money but not good enough to support a company!

    • you were supposed to do that by yourself, even when you beat the game, the developers wanted you to explore un-ventured lands. it was a good strategy, most RPG’s give you NOTHING to do after your done and make your re-start with most of your armor. and weapons still there. and the armor is supposed to stay the same. it’s the same bloody world. TW1 was ruined by bugs, TW2 fixed those bugs not some evolution.  and FF13 was a extremely short game. TW2 i could keep going for 50 hours straight and still be amused and explore dungeons. don’t come back you troll