If PC has one thing up over console it’s the simplicity of recording gameplay footage. Just install FRAPS, hit your hotkey and you’re recording in full 1080p. Unfortunately it’s not so easy for our console brethren to get their fragtastic videos onto their computers and the internet so Kaiser Bass – a company well known for their video capture devices is working on a device dedicated to recording Xbox 360, Ps3 and Nintendo Wii gameplay.

From my time working with a number of Australian gaming communities, something that always stood out to me was the number of people making montages of their awesome kills and frags, yet the difference in quality was astounding. You could either spend $300 or more on a HD-PVR or spend under $100 on a Standard Definition recorder and suffer the low quality yet still have proof of your skills. Well the Game Recorder aims to be a happy medium being both affordable and generally easy on the eyes.

Like the above images show, the Game Recorder 8 is quite a small device that plugs right into any spare USB 2.0 port you have. This makes the device perfect for anyone with a laptop as it’s both convenient in size and easy on your hardware. Once the USB is plugged in you simply plug the Yellow video cable and Red/White audio cables into the corresponding female ports and everything is set-up.

For those of you who are familiar with the clunky Dazzle DVC-100 recorder you will know that you need splitters, extra RCA cables and even then it’s very hit and miss. Well the Game Recorder 8 lets you see the gameplay footage on your PC/Laptop screen whilst you record, removing the need for any extra cables or displays. You can see the Game Recorder software in action above. Once you want to record it’s as simple as right-clicking the program and clicking on record and bang, it’s recording.

You can see an example of the Standard Definition quality above. I have been told that a HD model is in the works but there’s no mention of when or if it will ever go public, and I feel like that’s the decisively needed playing card in the capture device game – a decently priced HD device.

The Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder is slated for an April 2011 release with a retail price of $70 AUD. RipTen will have some units for a giveaway at launch so make so check back for your chance to win one of the great devices. Click here for the official Game Recorder 8 website.

If you have any questions about the Game Recorder 8 or capturing console footage, let me know in the comments below or via Twitter – @DrjftGaming.


  1. That certainly looks a lot better than the little USB “EasyCAP” rip-off that takes a couple of hours to sync with your laptop and then captures audio that’s a minute or two out of sync with the video. Certainly would make my GT5 license test videos a lot easier.

  2. do you have to buy another kables or is al that stuf in the box

    pleas help me with it i want to buy it ( but is it all in it )