That’s right, the NGP is apparently powerful enough to run these engines, or at least some version of these engines. The press release doesn’t expressly state that the engines are 100% compatible, but rather that the “following middleware companies have their innovative technology solutions available right now to support NGP developers”.

Looks pretty promising to me; here’s the list:

Game Engines

  • Blitz Games -BlitzTech
  • Crytek – Cryengine
  • Epic Games – Unreal Engine
  • Terminal Reality – Infernal Engine
  • Trinigy – Trinigy
  • Vicious Cycle – Vicious Engine


  • Havok
  • NaturalMotion


  • Audiokinetic
  • CRI Middleware
  • Firelight Technologies
  • RAD Game Tools

User Interface

  • AiLive
  • Scaleform

NGP is expected sometime in 2011, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

[ Source: Pushsquare ]


  1. It’s no surprise we’d see the unreal engine listed as NGP compatible. It’s on the iPhone, so it’s great to see we’ll be able to play UE games on more handhelds :-)