Markus Persson, founder of Minecraft developer Mojang, has announced that iOS versions of the sleeper hit MineCraft will be coming this year.

Aron Neiminen, “a new recruit to the Mojang team,” will be handling the iOS versions of the game, which will not be a direct transition but rather just feature the aspects that “make sense” for a touch-based device.

Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. MineCraft has already taken the Internet by storm, and if it can attract the same kind of attention that iOS apps can get, it’s set to be a massive success. Good luck to them, I say.


  1. That’s great! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    The RPG category on iOS already has a few shoddily made minecraft apps on there.

    ..What he said sort of concerned me though, not a direct transition but just features. I could honestly say I’d spend more time on a well optimized minecraft on my iPhone 4.. take my pc world on the go, think of the possibilities here. Don’t make something with alot of cutbacks! ):

  2. all u guys saying it will suck eggs, think again. someone released an app  called minecrafted, a client to classic minecraft, and it worked GREAT they later pulled it from the app store and only us jailbreakers can get it