It takes a certain kind of gamer to appreciate Atlus’ games. They tend to be quirky, difficult, and above all, so heavy with Japanese influence and references that localization must be a trying task indeed.

Looks like we won’t be seeing Atlus’ newest title Catherine, a strange erotic horror-based action puzzler, hit the states. I’m aware that description makes little to no sense, but there simply isn’t a way to nail down what this genre-bending title actually is.

Catherine is currently at the top of Japan’s all-formats chart, holding a sizable lead over runner-up Marvel vs. Capcom 3. That’s right, an Atlus game is at the top of a sales sheet, and it’s a shame we may never get to see it here in the states. Oh well, better get to importing if you want to play this gem.

Source: [Beefjack]


  1. Fuuuuuck. I wish they would bring the game here and just use subtitles. I don’t care if it’s English dubbed, I just want to understand it.