Crysis 2 PS3 footage has finally surfaced … and it looks damn good. The footage, titled “Semper Fi”, shows fast and furious fighting in the ruins of New York City.

Is the footage up to Killzone 3 standards? That’s up to you to decide. I will say it looks surprisingly good and easily equal to the Xbox 360 version.

Watch below:


  1. Looks good but I still say Killzone 3 takes the biscuit. I highly doubt Uncharted 3 will match it either because I personnally never felt Uncharted 2 looked better then Killzone 2.
    “Easily equal to the 360 version” well yeah…. Crytek said they were tailoring the game to each systems specs separately; so using the cells/SPUs you can acheive more on PS3 (ref: God Of War 3).