Hold on to your seats true believers – Gears 3 is gearing up for a September release. Sure that’s still quite a while away, but it’s never too early get wrapped up in the HYPE!

Today Epic has released some very epic Gears of war 3 information which includes Screenshots, Boxart, Open Beta information (yep, OPEN Beta), multiplayer info and MORE!

First of all, the beta will be open to all in mid-April and will feature three new multiplayer modes across four new maps. Excited yet? You bet your ass I am! Additionally, gamers can vote on the maps they want to play at the Gears of War Facebook page. Playing the beta can unlock in-game content upon the game’s release on September 20th.

The Beta multiplayer modes include:

  • King of the Hill – Combines with Annex and simplified with a new user interface and ring that moves around the map.
  • Capture the Leader – Capture and hold either Chairman Prescott or Queen Myrrah. The leaders aren’t useless though as they can see through walls and coordinate their teammates. Also, everyone gets one smoke grenade that can be used to force the player holding the leader to let go.
  • Team Deathmatch – Each team gets 15 respawns. Once those are gone, it is game over for the team that gets killed first.

Two of maps that will be available for the beta have been decided – Stadium and Supermarket. The other two are to be decided on facebook. The options include: Mercy, Old Town, Overpass and Trenches.

Beta Unlockable content includes a Retro Golden Lancer and Cole Train’s Thrashball uniform. The Gold Lancer will be unlocked by playing 90 matches or getting 100 kills with the impaling machine gun. Cole’s Thrashball outfit will be unlocked once you play 70 matches of any game type. You get to keep him in the retail version if get 83 matches total. Check it out in the screenshots below.

Last but not least, Epic has confirmed Gears 3 Multiplayer will be off of Dedicated Servers. Great news for anyone who had to deal with laggy Gear 2 matches.

All and all awesome news! You’ve got to hand it to Cliffy B, Gears of War 3 looks to be another great Epic game!

And why not, Kasland – Bring It On (feat. Cole Train)