Well, apparently we’ve all been fooled.  According to industry insider Geoff Keighly (a guy who knows people) Activision has said no such reveal is taking place.

Hours ago everyone got word of that a big Modern Warfare 3 reveal was coming next week.  However, Geoff reached out to Activision and this is what he knows so far:

Activision has  also issued the same statement to RipTen.

So maybe it’s a PR stunt by EA?  Or maybe it’s a Serbian Jew double bluff and Keighley is secretly working with Activision to confuse us even more!!

One thing is certain … Something is going to happen in 4 days at FindMakarov.com


  1. I would not be surprised if this was indeed a Hoax and Battlefield is continuing to try to use Modern Warfare 3 to create buzz for their game. If that is the case then this is LAME. Let the game do the talking and don’t use some other franchise to promote yourself. Desperate attempt.

    I did find some Modern Warfare 3 news at http://mwarfare3.com. Anyone else see anything else? They seem to be the only legit website out there for Modern Warfare 3 with all these rumors running rampant.

  2. Wait… I thought this had nothing to do with Activision, anyway. Maybe Infinity Ward found another publisher. Remember that Activision has no rights to the “Modern Warfare” title.

  3. Live action fan made flick? Probably. After all, with literally hundreds and hundreds of amazing games that would deserve to be used by fans for a short film, it seems obvious that someone would choose…Modern Warfare…for some strange, moronic reason.
    Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe it is just nothing.