Rockstar Games have been known for their clever in-game brands that they create. From Sprunk to Lovemeet, each brand feels fully fleshed out, and helps further immerse players in the insane worlds that they create.

They’re also known for taking these products viral, with websites and various merchandise, which is why these recent domain registrations by Take-Two interactive could very well be a hint of various branding coming in the next Grand Theft Auto game. Check out the links below;

Let us know if you think these recently registered web-domains have something to do with the next Grand Theft Auto game in the comment section below, or tell me directly via Twitter – @iamaaronalex

Source: Grandtheft5


  1. Yeah those sites really sound like they belong to GTA. There’s no doubt that there’ll be a new GTA in the next 1-3 years so I think these belong to GTA V (or whatever the name of the next GTA will be)

  2. I love the hopeful Vice City stylings of the GTA logo above! Definitely sound GTA-like.

    Really hope one day they find that mix between serious and crazy that brought such joy to us in Vice City and San Andreas… GTA IV was awesome, but WAY too serious.