Splash Damage wanted brink to be simple and intuitive, and they wanted it to be customizable.  Very customizable. Brink features an almost limitless amount of character customization.  If you think games like Reach and Black Ops had a lot of customization… you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Take a look at this video below wherein Splash Damage talks about the character customization in Brink:

But Brink doesn’t just have tons of character customization, it also has an insanely impressive amount of control customization.  Most console games do not allow you to remap the buttons on your controller.  This is unfortunate, not only for gamers who just prefer a different control layout, but especially for handicapped gamers like Chuck Bittner a.k.a OnlyUseMeFace.  Chuck is a quadriplegic, who because of his physical limitations and the lack of custom button remapping in games like Black Ops, has to play his favorite games literally using his face. That being said, he still pwns noobs like a pro.  (He’s also a comedian – the “Can’t Stand Up Comic“)

However, that’s besides the point.  Chuck has had a long running petition to get more console games to feature custom button remapping.  This petition now has over 50,000 signatures.  Luckily for gamers like Chuck, Brink is now one of those games.  The reason for this is because Splash Damage does things differently.

You see, Splash Damage has long been a PC game developer.  The problem with button remapping in console games is that you’re normally presented with prompts on screen that correspond to buttons on the controller.  Press X to Jason, for example.  So if you want to have custom buttons, you’d have to have a system that would automatically replace that on-screen art with whatever you’ve currently bound it to.  However, Press O to Jason isn’t quite as catchy.

Well, Brink not only features all the custom button remapping you can handle, but also features preset control schemes lovingly ripped off from other popular games that you may be used to.  It’s rather easy to see where some of these presets came from with names like “Duty Calls” and “Zombie Killers.”

Being a PC developer, other things also never made sense to Splash Damage when developing a console-friendly title like Brink.  They asked questions about multiplayer like, “Why do players have to que up and be in a lobby?”  Instead they just included 7 player drop in/drop out co-op and 15 player drop in/drop out versus modes.  Why?  More like, why the hell not!?

So, high above the New York City skyline, I interviewed Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood about why Brink has custom button remapping amongst these other awesome features and why their experience as a PC developer makes all the difference in the way they approach making games:

What more is there to say?  Splash Damage and Bethesda are getting set to deliver a multiplayer FPS experience with customization the likes of which has not yet been seen on consoles as well as a game that PC gamers will go crazy for.

I’ve played Brink several times over the past year and I can say that without a doubt Splash Damage has pumped every last bit of their creativity and expertise into this title.  If you like multiplayer shooters, you’re going to fucking love Brink.


  1. So I don’t even like multiplayer shooters, but I’ve been excited for Brink for quite a while – so clearly everyone’s going to murder me in MP, but I don’t care one bit.